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5 Tips for Choosing a JS Framework for Web Development

Helena Bogdanova 1178 28-Feb-2019

5 Tips for Choosing a JS Framework for Web Development

Choosing the most suitable JavaScript (JS) library or framework can be tough. There are so many of them these days. The main reason for such diversity is a high demand for web development services. 90% of all present-day software solutions are web-based. This trend has dramatically changed the IT industry. For instance, JS has become the most popular programming language. The tendency triggered the emergence of multiple frameworks and libraries for creating JavaScript UI.

Why use JS libraries and frameworks? They considerably accelerate JS front-end development process. Software engineers have to spend hundreds of hours in order to create a standard DataGrid widget with modes and features as drag-and-drop, clipboard, sections, sorting, filters, etc. It's a lot easier if you have a UI library at hand. In this case, you can take advantage of ready-to-use widgets and controls. The problem is there are hundreds of similar solutions like these. How to choose one appropriate to your particular project? Check out the tips below:

1. Decide on the license type. Many startups and new projects benefit from utilizing UI libraries under the GNU GPL license. In case you count on the big commercial success of your software product, you may face contradictions with GPL licensing terms later on. The main problem for you can be the obligation to release source code when an app is ready. You may realize that you don't want to do that when a project is in the works. To save your project from such a situation, opt for a library or a framework with an opportunity to buy a commercial license at the end of the proof of concept stage.

2. Pay attention to responsive design practices. They make an app look good on screens of various devices. It's particularly relevant at the age of smartphones and tablets. Nevertheless, not all JS libraries' developers are able to keep up with the times. Therefore, it's better to choose from dynamically evolving frameworks meeting material design standards.

3. Consider a predefined design skin. You should find a library with a decent one. Keep in mind that a business app is a subject for a thorough and continuous analysis. Various focus groups and potential investors will test your product. So, the more beautiful and user-friendly an app's UI is, the more chances there are for getting positive feedback. Therefore, it would be wise to carefully evaluate default design skins to find a solution which meets the requirements of your app's audience.

4. Account for further growth. Many developers fail with the outlook for project development or just don't think about it at all. They employ a framework that seems suitable at a particular project stage but don't bear in mind the absence of features that can be needed in the future. It's wise to view a JS library as a strong foundation for business growth right from the start.

5. Don't underestimate smooth communication and support. Some software development companies sell their products leaving their clients alone with bugs and other issues. A digital solution without a proper support service is like a trojan horse. All the consequences are borne by the buyer. To avoid problems, go through the community forum to see whether the programmers actively answer the users' questions. If the development team is helpful enough it's a good sign showing that you can trust their digital solution.


JS libraries and frameworks considerably alleviate web development. Programmers can save hundreds of hours thanks to a bevy of ready-made components. But finding a perfect fit for your project may require an effort. Be patient, follow the advice from the article and allow time for a careful analysis of candidates.

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