The E-Commerce world has developed in the Last few years like crazy and within this evolution, the Demand for Magento development company services has risen to an extream height. Various popular online stores are nowadays developed using Magento. This highly customized e-commerce platform is popular among programmers for its ease of customization, scalability, and flexibility; this system Management platform open source platform also ensures smooth functioning of the site, even if there are hundreds or thousands of pages to deal with. 

To be a Magento developer isn't rocket science but it's not that easy either, and to be distinguishable from other developers you not only have to work hard but also work smart. Nowadays a lot of programmers are showing extraordinary interest in Magento and that's why the competition is getting extremely tough. But if you follow proper guidance then nothing is impossible, here are some tips to guide you to become an expert Magneto developer. 

1. Always start with the basics 

A programmer might have a lot of experience in various types of programming, but the basic rule while learning anything new is you should always begin with the basics. A sturdy foundation is extremely important to build anything, that is why the basis has to be the first step towards learning the Magneto software. First, you need to get familiar with the Magneto programming software. You need to watch various types of tutorials you can find, you can also become a part of various online forums and discussion platforms related to Magneto programming where you can get a firm grip in the basics. 

2. Understand the trend and the market 

To understand the recent trends and the market condition to learn Magento you should follow some Magento programming related articles and blogs which will not only help you understand Magento but enhance your knowledge in it. You can always be informed about various technological developments in this field and follow through with the latest technological advancement to improve oneself as a Magneto developer. And the most significant point here is that in case of any queries or difficult you can post your problems in the discussion section and someone of the experts will help clear the doubts. 

3. Certified exams are Significant 

Various hiring companies or organization try to find candidates those who have a good and reliable certification. Having a certificate from a Renowned organization is an extremely important factor for a Magneto developer and a star in their career and companies hire dedicated Magento developer. First, you have to take the certified exam for Magento developers and if you pass then you will be officially considered a Magento developer. In the process of certification, you can not only validate your skills and also enhance your programming ability. This certificate will be an addition to your credibility which will show that you have an ability of professional level, which many other developers lack. 

4. Through Analysis 

Analyzing your coding is important after you have are done coding go over and over again checking and rechecking your codes analyze it thoroughly try to optimize it to make it smoother. Don't try to be too fast with the projects take one or two at a time so that you can gain insight and experience while working on it. Mistakes are a part of the learning procedure the more you make mistakes the more you will learn and it will improve your ability of analysis accordingly. 

5. Follow through with the changes 

You should use GIT on a daily basis for version control. GIT will help in keeping track of all the changes made by you and it will also allow quick recovery of data if something wrong or unwanted happens while writing codes like an incorrect code. 

6. Take part in Magento events 

Taking part in Magento events will develop your abilities to code. A lot of industries organize Magento events all over the world and you should take part in such events to hone your existing skills. In these events, you can come in contact with various experts of this field and also fellow programmers those who can enhance your ability to develop and learn about Magento. These kinds of events are always helpful and here you can experience new things, exchange various innovative ideas and recent information on this field. 

7. Begin by putting question tags 

A good Magento developer will always ask questions while coding, why this is happening what will happen next is important for them and then only you will know what will happen after execution. A Magneto developer should allow go all the way through deeper to understand the utilization of the codes you develop. 

8. The last but most important, having a passion for Magento 

Passion is the most significant aspect to be a Magento developer and if you are passionate about this then you can do anything. Magento is much harder to learn than other e-commerce platforms that's why it needs more dedication. Industries prefer to hire dedicated Magento developers. 

  Modified On Feb-27-2019 11:00:29 AM

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