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How You Can Volunteer To Be A ‘Green’ Student?

smith sera787 25-Feb-2019

It’s easy to shame others, rest the blame with them or whine about where the world is going. What is important is to go out of your way to do something about changing the culture of negligence and blame game.

Why it is important?

It is a common sight in the colleges and universities for people to say that; “I need someone to write my essay for me cheap UK.”. Although this is not something reprehensible to ask for essay help & best essay writing service UK  but the culture of laziness should not be allowed to prevail. Similarly, in order to overcome the degrading environmental conditions of today, students should come to the forefront to take lead in the environment preservation efforts, by participating in green campaigns and the initiatives conceived by civil societies, university administrations and the governments. 

What roles can you play as a green student?

Students can provide the work force for researching, analyzing and providing solutions to the challenges faced due to pollution and the negative impact of human activities on environment. Government or University administrations can initiate non-for-profit organizations, the aim of which should be to promote awareness about the detrimental effects of pollution and how they can be overcame, along with executing their responsibilities by employing green and environmental safety measures on national level.

Students can raise awareness on individual level also, by placing waste bins at suitable locations and starting clean-up campaigns in the neighbourhoods. Tech-savvy students can design banners and leaflets to be distributed in a location, informing the public about the harmful effects of pollution and the need to restore balance between consumption and production of by-products. Tree-growing efforts can be started and fund-raising for planting more and more trees can be done on community level.

How to take the first step?

You have to take the first step not taking into account what might hinder you. Start with minimizing the use of plastic bags, doing recycling of your personal waste (for instance, making humus out of the waste paper in your room), efficient use of electricity, fossil fuels and water resources. Take part in the green campaigns in your area or in your campus. Travel around the places to know about their environmental issues and find ways you can solve them.

Lead by Example!

Researches and surveys have proved that people living in the first world are more wasteful then the rest of the wor006Cd because they have access to more urban facilities and consume more world resources, thereby producing more garbage then the rest of the world population. As students we should not be wasteful ourselves, and sacrifice some of our leisure activities too for the sake of conserving the environment and preserving nature.

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