Living In A Technological Home

With predictions about hover boards and even hover cars finally coming true, it feels like we’re living in the future. We have wireless chargers, charging cars, and countless other innovations that would have been impossible even a few decades ago. With these rapid advancements comes the opportunity to live more comfortably than humans ever have before. Here are a few home innovations that can help you live you start living your best life.


Curtains, despite adding a semi-luxe feel to a room, can be bulky. Curtains also get dusty, blow around in air conditioning, and require effort to open and close. To bypass the need for curtains, consider SmartGlass. SmartGlass is electronically tint-able and can easily switch from opaque to translucent and back again at the touch of a switch (or even the tap of a phone). SmartGlass allows you to have complete control over the windows in your home.

Custom Pool

Every luxurious lifestyle involves a pool, preferably a custom pool built to fit your aesthetic preferences and personal needs. Rather than having a standard backyard pool with little detailing or personalization, work with a contractor of custom pools in Ft. Worth to design the pool you’ve always dreamed of. The possibilities include hot tubs, water features, dimmable lights that change colors depending on your mood, and more organic designs such as faux caves and waterfalls.

Nest Doorbell

An important part of a comfortable lifestyle is a safe home. No longer do you have to leave home and wonder if everything will be the same when you return. Nest Doorbell, as well as other home security innovations, allow you to know what’s going on without being there. In addition, Nest Doorbell helps you know whether to answer the door if you are there. Benefits include HD video, night vision, 24-hour streaming, and quiet time (essentially the same as do not disturb on your phone except Nest Doorbell continues recording front door footage). You can access your doorbell footage from anywhere in the world.

Self-Watering Planter

For those of us without a green thumb, a self-watering planter might be the only way to keep plants alive. This is different than the “plant spas” of the past where the water sits in the pot and simply evaporates over time. You just need to put the water into the reservoir and the planter digitally determines how much water to give the plant throughout the course of the month along with other nutrients. Simply refill the reservoir once a month and let the planter do the work.  

Smart Bathtub

The technology of the bathtub has completely changed in recent years. No longer simply a giant porcelain sink for humans, new bathtubs can double as Bluetooth speakers or even disinfect themselves. The Vision Whirlpool features 8 whirlpool jets, thermal controls, and a convertible shower head. Don’t just sit and soak. Instead enjoy a personalized, luxury experience depending on your mood.

KeySmart Pro

With the catchphrase, “never lose your keys again,” KeySmart promises a lot. If you’re anything like me, you’ve lost your keys more times than you can count. Imagine the peace of mind though if you always knew where your keys were at and also knew that they were organized on a beautiful, compact, and minimalistic keychain that is trackable every hour of the day. That’s how KeySmart delivers. Your keys can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and send their location at any time.


Grocery shopping is hard. Remove the hassle and increase the comfort levels by investing in a FridgeCam. The FridgeCam can be accessed anywhere from your phone. It takes photos, identifies the foods you have, and allows you to create a shopping list based on those photos. If you forget to make a shopping list, simply access the contents of your fridge from the grocery store.


All these innovations have one thing in common, they make life more comfortable and convenient. Stop living in the past and start moving beyond your wildest dreams by investing in life and home innovations.

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