How You Can Login into Billion 800VGT Router?

Billion Electric Co. Ltd. is a digital company located in Taiwan that produces ADSL modems and routers. Even the 800VGT router model includes a firewall that's just a feature that maintains a router safe and secure in order there are no unwanted efforts made to your router. You may have to log in to the router settings to make changes allowing incoming connections.

Billion 800VGT can be a collection of this router which was made for use in your home and tiny offices. It can serve a great purpose if your need is to connect with a couple of systems together and take part in an network. You can also make use of port forwarding inside your router by making some changes using a digital server. Herewe will help you with step by step information about how best to log in to the router.


The Billion router box for get the printed default username and password

Computer to access default gateway to either log in using a web browser(No Tablet or Smartphone)

Steps to Login into Billion 800VGT Router

Step 1: Open The Browser

Open your browser and then type the login ip address address in the URL or your search bar. You can also copy-paste or click with this address that will take you for the default gateway.

PS: Ensure you might be connected to your home wi fi when doing so step. Don't put in extra zero since it's going to cause an error.

Step Two: Enter Username and Password on Default Gateway

Just enter the router settings, you are going to need the username and password password. When you have never changed the details, use the default username and passwordelse look for your box of Billion 800VGT for that default credentials.

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin

PS: We saw the above username-password combination was correct in 7-9% cases. In the event the above combination doesn't work, you need to reset the routeragain. Only press-and-hold reset button for 15 seconds using a sharp thing.

Step 3: Setting up the Billion 800VGT Login Details

It's always recommended to change the default username and password in order for your router gets secure from some other questionable login attempts.

Suggestions to change your username and password:

Your password should have a mixture of alphanumeric characters and special characters

Your password should be 8-16 characters long, complicated yet easy to remember

Username should be user-friendly and simple

Username and password for Huawei router needs to be written down somewhere

Step 4: Change SSID

The different wi fi names you see inside the network folder is called SSID or service set identifier. By default, the name which appears is of this brand that generates the router in this circumstance, you may see the SSID as Billion. You should change the default name because in the event that you don't then it'll soon be easy for anyone to guess your details.


  • Maintain the SSID brief and simple
  • Don't make it very elaborate as it may backfire
  • Don't use any private information to set up the name of your router

Step 5: Secure 800VGT router settings:

Inside the default gateway, see for that encryption settings of your network. You need to set the encryption into WPA2-PSK that's the current industry standard. It ensures your router works at the best security level potential.

Methods to Issues with Billion 800VGT router

1. Billion 800VGT Password Doesn't Work

The default password is your word'admin'. In the event it doesn't work then most probably you personally or someone may have changed the default password. The solution will be to reset your router. Press-and-hold reset button for 15 seconds.

2. Forgot Password into Billion 800VGT Router

First of all, try hard to remember or find the newspaper where you have written your password. In the event you don't find anything then you may try to contact the ISP or even Xfinity forums and also see for a different set of default password to be used. If nothing works, try doing a reset for your router.

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