Land is an important utility and best investment everyone wishes to hold. However, acquiring and getting the documents read in your name is sometimes tricky. It calls for bribe giving as the process takes long. This has been the case in most parts of India; citizens have to go out of their way to acquire the title deed.

India is divided into many states where each takes a large number of citizens. Meaning land is an essential commodity in the country. Note India is also classified as an agricultural hub where higher part of the land is set for agricultural use. Today focusing on Madhya Pradesh state the second largest state in the country. It believed to be the fifth in number to hold largest population. This gives the notion of how much land must be in this state. The state government through the technological system has launched a Banglarbhumi website portal where the MP Citizens can check all the land details.

Transfer, buying and selling of land happens to be the active business in the country. This has seen the congestion at the land offices. The documentations take long and use a lot of resources. However, the introduction of the MP Bhuabhilekhhas eased the tiresome process.

Search your Madhya pradesh Land Records online

MP Bhulabhilekha software launched to cater for lad records and works under the revenue department of MP government. The project is also overseen by the National informatics center NIC as it gives all the land records through the official online link:

Procedure of checking Madhya Pradesh and records

  • Visit the official website:
  • On the menu select the tab “try out new LR website”
  • Next click on the district of your choice from the list given.
  • A new list of the tehsil will be provided click on one to proceed.
  • Now you’re to choose the Village this can be done using the number of Khasras or Halka choose either of the two to continue.
  • Select the option fetch Khasra details by clicking on it; the system will give more information about it.
  • From the menu list select the Khasra number and the report you need to generate.
  • Proceed by click on the Khatauni search tab, Khasra map then click on save the Khasra, Khatauni and Khasra map.
  • After the process is done you will receive MP records of the specific land number you requested.

Benefits of having the MP land records

The land records play a significant role; they can be used in many areas of our life. MP Citizens use the documents for:

  1. Help in account opening in various banks in the state.
  2. Used for collateral in banks and other societies.
  3. Helps in land buying and selling.
  4. The registration process is easier and legal owners can be determined.
  5. The records are used when dividing the land.
  6. Helps in the court of law.
  7. The land record can be used in mutation status
  8. When borrowing a loan from the bank.
  9. Records assist in personal uses.

For more information one can visit the official website

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