5 Effective Strategies That Increase User-Retention For Your Mobile Game

5 Effective Strategies That Increase User-Retention For Your Mobile Game

Let’s avoid being sensitive about this. We know what you want.  

Retention equates to addiction. Yes, you want your users to get addicted to your mobile games. Just admitted it already! Besides, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just the way things work in the mobile game industry.

After all, that is the ultimate goal of all mobile game developers. Success means having people going crazy about the games you have created.

But how exactly are you going to do that? There’s a lot of competitors in the game developing industry. Users are also getting picky because the standards are also getting high. Many mobile games are being introduced in the market every day, but only a few survive.

Now, read carefully because here’s how they do it. And more importantly, here’s how successful games are made.

Guaranteed Mobile Game Performance

Performance is everything in the world of mobile game development. Functionality and speed are the key factors that developers should focus on.

Make it as smooth as possible. Gamers are looking for a mobile app that can always rely on. Let your users play without interruptions. Don’t give them too many ads or unnecessary explanations. No one wants a game that lags now and then.

Functional User-Interface Is Key

A friendly interface provides the information players need, exactly when they need it. Most players skip the tutorial stage. They want to play the game and learn to navigate through it during the process.

Release Updates Regularly

Players can quickly get bored with games that don’t have regular updates. You have to be creative enough to give them more challenges and rewards regularly. Don’t let them sleep! Give them more levels with increasing difficulty. The key towards gaining loyal players is getting them hooked with the unending labyrinth of updates.

Use Push Notifications Strategically

Make your players happy by letting them know that their game misses them. The use of push notification reminds the players about their unfinished business or progress in the game. Give them a reason to come back.

However, you should keep in mind that too much or unnecessary push notifications might annoy your users. The goal here is to give them updates, and not advertise the game.

Channel The Power of Social Sharing

Let them brag about their score or the new character they have unlocked. Social media integration is one of the best innovation in mobile games. It’s cool to have features that let your players broadcast their game progress and compare score with their friends. This keeps them motivated and loyal to the game.


The game is different in this industry. It’s a different world and has a different set of rules. You have to focus on user-retention rather than spending more on marketing. The only thing required strategy in this business is improving the game the best that you can.

But before you can do that, there are a lot of factors that you should consider first. You can work with a mobile game development company to get you started. Some of them are already above. With enough diligence, however, it will surely climb the top spot in no time. And the only thing you should do is to get the loots.

Last updated:9/7/2019 12:20:20 AM
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