Scratch Coupon- Magento Addon by Knowband

Magento Scratch Coupon Addon:-

E-commerce store owners required some of the promotional activities on your online store, which can be used for engagement of the customers. Magento Scratch Coupon Addon is the smartest way to encourage your visitors to stay at the store and make some purchase by availing some discount coupons.

Magento Interactive pop-up addon by Knowband provides an interface that asks the visitors to scratch the coupon by using the mobile cursor and won some amount of discounts.

To grab the discount coupon, the visitors have to enter the name and appropriate email id. Then, the coupon will send to their email id of the visitors. The visitors can apply the coupon to their next purchase from the store.

Features of Scratch Coupon - Magento Addon: 

  • Magento Scratch Coupon pop-up addon is easy to use and install a module with many configurable options available. 
  • Magento Interactive pop-up offers an Enable or Disable option by just one click to display the Magento Scratch Coupon pop-up addon. 
  • Magento Responsive pop-up addon provides the functionality of multiple discount setting of the coupon code. 
  • Magento Scratch pop-up addon supports multiple design options. 
  • Magento Scratch coupon addon helps the admin with generated coupon statistics.
  • Magento Responsive pop-up addon offers Customizable email templates and shows the scratch card even on mobile devices, laptops, and tablets.
  • Magento email Subscription pop-up addon provides an email recheck option to make sure that a user is not using the same email id. 
  • Magento MailChimp integrator extension offers a Pullout tab facility to review the scratch coupon box. 
  • Magento email subscriber with Mailchimp integrator offers the functionality of directly synced the email id to the MailChimp admin account. 

Benefits for Admin: 

  • Magento Scratch Coupon pop-up addon makes the visitors feel special and win some enchanting discounts and it also helps to generate leads.
  • Magento Interactive pop-up addon offers user-friendly and interactive backend interface. 
  • Magento Responsive pop-up addon increases the conversion rate.
  • Magento Mailchimp integrator directly syncs leads to MailChimp, Klaviyo and constant contact.
  • Magento Scratch pop-up addon helps to increase the customer satisfaction of your Magento store.  

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