If you are the owner of an e-commerce business venture, then you must already be aware of the importance of getting a proper search engine optimisation done on your business website. In the last few years, e-commerce business ventures have mushroomed all over the world, and the competition between them has become quite rigid and fierce. Today, different e-commerce business ventures are fighting with each other to get the maximum reach and gather most of the hold on people. In this article, you will learn about some effective last-minute tips to help you get your e-commerce website more visibility during Christmas.

Why is the Christmas and Holiday week so important?

For a lot of countries in the world, the predominant religious festival of the year is Christmas. It is a time of joy, giving, sharing, fun, entertainment and happiness. People go all out to celebrate Christmas in the best manner that they can by buying beautiful and thoughtful presents and giving them to the people whom they care about the most. Christmas presents hold a lot of sentimental value with people, and these presents mean a lot to both the one who gives the present and the one who receives it. These presents are immensely thoughtful gestures.

During Christmas, the number of sales has topped almost everything from the rest of the year. It is a time when millions of dollars worth of commodities exchanges hands. And hence, it is the time when business owners become so fiercely competitive in getting the most sales. They offer huge discounts and great deals on almost all products. Shops try to outdo each other with their offers and range of products.

Thus, as the owner of an e-commerce business venture you must also be prepared for Christmas week. However, unlike the traditional offline stores, you will not be able to keep big banners or placards in front of large audiences to gather their attention on your store. You will have to use certain easy tips and tricks for optimising your business e-commerce website for this period so that people can notice your website more often than the other e-commerce business ventures.

You need to remember that there are other e-commerce business houses also and they too will also be fighting to get the large share of the market sales. So, you need to look at the Christmas and the Holiday season with special care.

1. Social Media Bonanza: You must already be aware of the immense importance of social media platforms in the boosting of a business website's SEO. Well, during Christmas you need to go completely over the top on social media. On each of your social media profiles from Facebook to Instagram, you should start by changing the cover pictures and display profile pictures to those photos which have a Christmas theme. You can choose to do this by getting a special graphics work also done. Next, you need to share more Christmas themed content. You can start with popular Christmas stories and facts and quotes and share them on your feed. In between, you will also have to publish photos of your Christmas deals and offers. You will have to keep the audience engaged and hooked onto your social media pages. So post regularly and encourage interaction on your pages.

2. Increase your range of products: For Christmas, you need to have a large stock of products, and your inventory has to be well stocked. Keep a large stock of presents and gifts which are commonly given during Christmas. You need to offer them great discounts too, and hence you should have a large variety of these products. At no point must a customer find that you do not have the products that they are looking for if it falls in your niche. Also, you need to encourage more customers to leave behind their reviews. Remember reviews are a great way to boost SEO, and during Christmas the more reviews you get, the better it will be because your customers and users will like to see how your products fared with other people before they bought it.

3. Keywords: Remember to use special Christmas themed keywords during this time with keywords like “Christmas Presents” included in the content that you publish. Research well for the popular Christmas time keywords because these will not be the same as the ones during other times of the year.

4. Blog: You need to use your blog extensively during the Christmas week. Publish articles and contents like "Top best Christmas gifts for grandparents" or "best wrist watches to gift your man for Christmas". Your blog topics must reveal the products that you have in your inventory to lure and entice the audience, and it also must show them the reasons why they need to buy them. You will have to go extreme with your blogging during Christmas because blog posts will help you get higher organic traffic and will increase your sales by some margin.

5. Content: Your content will be important as always. Remember to get fresh and original content like you always need to do. You need to use more visual content during Christmas because users do not tend to have a lot of time on their hands when they are shopping for Christmas as there is such a big rush. So, post more photos of your products and also continue with your Christmas themed instructional and informational videos for boosting engagement because this will once again boost audience engagement and help you to get more sales.

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Search engine optimisation is the most important aspect of business websites as without this your website will not be discovered by people and you will not have any sales or revenues. During Christmas, this problem becomes more acute. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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