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How To Work Towards Getting A Permanent Job

You may think that all job seekers are in search of a permanent and secure job at a big organisation. But the fact is hiring for temp positions is on the rise in the industry.

The trend of hiring on temporary basis is picking up because temporary positions work well for both big and small organisation alike. Companies hire contract workers, freelancers, consultants for a specific period of time and to complete a specific project and blog outreach. The temporary staff is relived or in some cases taken on permanent payrolls once the job is over.

It works for aspirants as well because the temporary position allows them to put the foot in the door and seek an opportunity to convert the temporary job in to a permanent one. In case you are one of those aspirants who wants a secure and permanent job then this article has some good tips for you. We believe that you will have a world of opportunities to cash on in your journey from temporary position to a permanent employment. You should make the most of your time in the organisation and cash on the great opportunity presented to you. Grab the opportunity to showcase your superior skills and positive attitude. Add so much value to the role that the company chooses does not want to let you go.

How can you do that? Here are few tips:

Give your best to the job

Become the best temporary employee ever. It may sound like a common phrase. But it has always worked. Nothing can replace sincere work. If you give your best to a project, your employer will notice your efforts. Your attitude of sincerity and hard work together can help you score high on your employer report card.

Make the most of all the opportunities to show how you are adding immense value to the project and the organisation. Speak only meaningful things and contribute wisely to the group discussions. Take responsibility of tasks even when they are not assigned to you directly. Keep asking for more work. Show keenness and eagerness to work and perform. And last but not the least thoroughly enjoy your work and stay happy at workplace. Your inner happiness will exuberate positivity in the department.

Say that you want to be hired permanently

Tell your employer in as many words that you want to be hired permanently. Do not hide your passion to work in the organisation and your immense liking for the company. Let your employer know how badly you want to achieve it your goals.

Take a planned route and have a formal meeting with your superiors to discuss how you can add more value to the work. It is important to understand what they are expecting from you. Remember, this is not just your trial period, it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Believe in yourself and assume that your already are a permanent employee and a valuable asset to the organisation.

Be open to your placement agency about your plans

It is good to communicate to your placement agency about your wish to be hired as permanent employee. Your permanent staffing solutions company’s representative may help you in your journey through advise or otherwise. They may leverage their network in the company and give good recommendations about you. Some staffing firms also may propose to the employer to hire you on permanent payrolls.

Permanent placement agencies or permanent employment agencies can become your doorway to the new organisation. If the permanent placement agency is a trusted partner for the company, they are more likely to take the recommendations seriously.

Build good rapport with your team

Become a team player and build a rapport with your team. Work towards creating a positive perception about yourself in the organisation. This will go a long way in company’s decision to hire you permanently. Your team mates should share a positive feedback about you. They should like you and not have any ego hassles with you. If you win the hearts of your team mates, you will be able to achieve your targets sooner.Your co-workers will recommend your skills and like your attitude. This can be a big bonus point for you.

Team skills and people management skills are key factors in hiring a person. Your temporary project duration is the right time to showcase your people skills and win the hearts of the team. Once your project is over, apply for the permanent position.

In case you are not selected for the permanent job, do not lose hope. You have not lost anything. In fact, you have come out victorious. No other job would have given you the immense opportunities to network with the right people and make some good contacts to say the least.

For future jobs, select your placement advisor carefully. A good placement advisor will not just share job opportunities with you but also advise you on building your career.

At Collabera, we offer a wide range of permanent placement services. We act as advisory partners in building the careers of suitable candidates. We fetch best candidates based on client requirements, criteria and company culture.

We have a dedicated team of experts looking in to the requirements of recruiters. Our team specializes in sourcing and placing candidates across various domains and industry the lean startup. Our team finds jobs in IT, accounts and finance, analytics and many other domains.

Our game changing client-centric model has added value to many organisations’ hiring process. Our recruiters hire based on the work culture of the clients after understanding the requirements thoroughly. This makes the candidate culturally and technically fit for the role and increases his chances of getting more work in the future or being hired permanently.

Some of the verticals that you can look for in your partnership with Collabera are: Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, BPO Hiring, Mortgage, Digital and Creative Products, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Healthcare, Project Management etc.

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