Best antifungal cream for your little one

Just like adults, kids are prone to fungal infections. Numerous reasons are attributed to fungal infections. These infections could appear anytime when kids play with others at school or share belongings. During summer months fungal infections increase in frequency and intensity. A humid and hot climate makes it a conducive environment for fungal infections to thrive. You can apply best antifungal foot cream to keep fungal infections at bay.

Several medicines in combination with home remedies are available to prevent fungal infections. One of the most effective remedies to eradicate fungal infections is Ketomac cream in India. It prides itself as an anti-fungal cream and removes fungi by attacking cell membranes.

Just clean the area and apply a thin layer of cream and let it lest for a couple of hours. You can use the cream for once or twice in a day and consult your doctor for further suggestions. A series of steps to prevent fungal infections are as follows

Ensure that play areas are kept clean

Kids are known to spend a lot of time playing outdoors in a playing area. Sand pits are there in a playing area that you need to keep clean. Pets are known to leave behind urine or faeces in sand that cause ringworms in kids. If you feel that sandpit cannot be kept clean opt for a portable sandpit that can be covered and pets can be kept away from the premises. It does become relatively easy to clean them.

Give up the habit to share personal belongings

It is important in teaching your kids virtues of sharing. At the same time you should also teach them that personal belongings are something that cannot be shared. For example fungal infections in the form of ringworm can spread when you share personal items like hats or even towels.

The towels have to be kept clean and dried after swimming

Kids love pools and they would not mind in jumping in and out of the pool. A temptation is there to be in swimming attire during the day as this has to be avoided because wet clothes provide the right atmosphere for infections to thrive. Hand them over dry towels and ask them to change once they come out of the pool.

Flip flops can be worn

When kids are not in shoes it would do no harm than wearing flip flops. This would be really important when they venture out at public swimming pools or when they go out for sports trips.

Suggest them that they have to dry the feet

Once kids take bath, ask them to dry their feet. This is especially between the toes to prevent athlete’s foot.

Observe symptoms

Observe on a regular basis if your kids are developing rashes or any form of itchiness. If you feel that it is a fungal infection the first step would be to prevent it from spreading further and starting off with the required treatment.

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