A lot of people tend to avoid home projects or home improvements because they can be stressful! You have to think about how long the project will take and if you have enough time to complete it in one day. If you don't have enough time to complete the project in one day, you may have to stow your materials away until you have time to work on the project again so that you do not leave your house a disaster! 

The alternative to this dilemma is that you choose an easy project to use to make improvements to your home! Today we will share five easy ways to make improvements to your home this year. 

Refresh a Room with New Paint 

When you first moved into your home, you may have had different paint color preferences than what you have now. One easy way to improve your home is to lean towards a neutral color scheme. If you were ever to sell your home, it is likely to appeal to a broader audience if you have neutral colored walls because they are easier to style than walls with loud color. 

While painting a room isn't a difficult project, you should be aware that it will take a little more effort than just slapping some paint on the wall. If this is your first time painting in a house, check out this how-to guide to learn the best way to paint your walls. After you read this guide your walls will look like you hired a professional to paint them.

Do Outside and Do Some Landscaping! 

Curb appeal is something that is often forgotten about when it comes to home improvements! However, curb appeal is extremely important if you are trying to sell your home or are simply trying to make your home look more visually appealing. 

The best way to save time on your landscaping adventure is to make a plan ahead of time. If you need to rip out any old plants, start there. Continue to weed the flower beds and clean any debris out of your landscape. 

The next step is to head to the local plant nursery to find some new additions for your home! Think about the lifespan of the plants and how often you want to replant. You'll also want to make a watering schedule so that your plants stay alive after you put the hard work into planting them. 

Update your Deck 

If you have an old deck behind your house, use this opportunity to update your deck. Updating your deck doesn't have to be a week-long project. Start by removing any debris that may have fallen on your deck. 

You can also use this opportunity to check the structure of your deck. This will consist of checking the foundation of the deck and making sure that all the parts are intact. Additionally, you'll want to check for mildew on the deck. If you find any, you should powerwash the deck to remove any harsh mold or mildew.

Add Solar Panels 

Solar panels are another great improvement that you can easily make to your home. You may be wondering, how do solar panels work? When the sun hits your solar panels, the panel will capture electrons and then transfer them into electricity that you can use to power your home. 

You may also be wondering what happens when it is cloudy outside. Will the solar panels still work? Yes, they will! While the solar panels will still generate electricity, the amount will be significantly less than they would generate on sunny days.

Update your Bathroom

You may not think about it, but you actually spend a lot of time in your bathroom! Depending on how happy you are with your current bathroom, you may have a lot or a few renovations to do. 

If you are happy with your bathroom and you have a neutral color scheme, you could get away with just switching out the shower curtain and the rugs. If you want to do more renovations, you could start by updating your shower and toilet. If your appliances don't need updating, you could even install a new countertop! 

In order to make this a short project, you should choose one update and focus on it prior to moving to the next. 

Today we shared five easy ways to make improvements to your home. You could change the paint color in any of the rooms in your home, update your bathroom, update your landscaping outside your home, install solar panels, or update your deck. Break these projects into chunks so that they do not take a long time. This will make you less stressed and help you feel confident to tackle the project of home improvements.

  Modified On Jan-16-2019 01:38:16 AM

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