There Are Different Surprising Health Benefits Of Using CBD

Right from your brain to your skin, CBD or cannabis oil has a lot of health benefits. If you take it on a regular basis in a controlled amount, it will repair the damaged nerve cells of your brain and restore and retain its normal functions. You may know that as you age your brain loses the power to regenerate new neurons on its own. However, proper and undamaged nerve cells are essential to maintain brain health and to prevent several degenerative diseases.

This rate of creating new cells by the brain continuously can be improved by taking in low doses of CBD. According to a 2008 study, low doses of CBD and THC containing cannabinoids were found to encourage the creation of new nerve cells in the brain. This showed its good effects even in aging brains. Apart from that, CBD also has the ability to help your brain to prevent different other nerve related diseases such as neuropathy and Alzheimer’s disease.

Protects your bones

Cannabinoids are also very effective and useful in protecting against any types of bone diseases. It can also be equally effective in healing broken bones.

• All this is the result of its ability to facilitate the process of metabolism in your bones. This is typically the cycle in which the old bone material is replaced by new materials. Ideally, in healthy bones this rate is about 10% in a year.

• Maintaining this rate is crucial for you so that you can keep your bones strong and healthy so that it does not break at the slightest injury.

• CBD in particular has the proven power to block the enzyme in your body that usually destroys the bone building compounds. This in fact reduces the risk of any age related bone diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis wherein your body completely loses the power to create new bone and cartilage cells.

• It is also found that CBD helps to promote the new bone cell formation process in your body. This helps in expediting the healing process of broken bones in turn.

It is due to the stronger fracture callus that helps CBD to reduce the likelihood of re-fracturing of the bone. It is found that people who use cannabis have bones that are usually 35 to 50 percent stronger as compared to those who do not take it.

Protects and heals skin

Another significant positive effect of taking cannabis or KYLÉ CBD is that it protects you skin and at the same time helps in treating and replacing the damaged cells and tissues. You may know that human skin has the highest amount and CB2 receptors concentration in the body.

• All you have to do is apply it topically as an infused oil, lotion, serum, or salve. It is the antioxidant present in CBD which is much more powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C that will repair skin damage from the free radicals such as the UVA and UVB rays and several other environmental pollutants.

• All those cannabinoid receptors that are found in the skin are usually connected to the sebaceous glands that regulate the oil production in it.

• Modern cannabis based topical products are more developed so that it can treat other related issues on your skin including acne and psoriasis. Therefore, these are much more effective and even promote faster healing of your damaged skin cells and tissues.

Considering different historical documental evidences available, it is found that cannabis preparations were used for healing wounds in both animals and humans in the ancient ages across a wide range of cultures across the globe. Taking cue from this fact dating thousands of years back, there is a significant rise in popularity and exponential use of concentrated cannabis or CBD oils. This has benefited in the treatment of skin cancer.

Anti-inflammatory and other benefits

CBD or cannabinoids are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect in numerous conditions. This is because it can engage with the endo-cannabinoid system found in several organs throughout your body. This promotes in systematic reducing of the inflammatory effects and symptoms.

• Apart from that, the therapeutic potential of CBD is impressively wide and extensive helping in treating a broad spectrum of diseases.

• Anxiety and stress: It is found that oral use of CBD and cannabis was practiced to deal with anxiety even at the Vedic age. It is confirmed by the Vedic text dating back somewhere around 2000 BC.

• It is also learnt that cannabis was the most commonly used plant in this age across several cultures to treat anxiety and stress.

• Later on, several studies showed that while THC increased the level of anxiety in a few patients, it significantly lowered this in others. On the other hand however, the effect of CBD has shown a consistent reduction in the anxiety level when it is present in the cannabis plant in higher concentrations.

• Moreover, CBD has the power to lessen the level of anxiety in animals and humans on its own. It is due to the relation of its activity in both the limbic as well as the Para-limbic brain areas.

• Another 2012 research review and analysis showed that CBD can reduce social anxiety in particular. With more clinical trials conducted a couple of years later, researchers found that with regards to stress and its relation with the endo-cannabinoid system there is a significant augmentation of the system. This resulted in an effective process that helped to mitigate the behavioral as well as physical consequences of anxiety and stress.

In addition to that, it is the elucidating relationship between anxiety and CBD that supports the anxiolytic effect of chronic CBD administration that is usually associated with acute stress and traumatic conditions. It affects the pro-neurogenic effect of the hippocampus in an adult by facilitating the endo-cannabinoid intermediated signaling as according to Frugal Fitness.

With all these health benefits of CBD in the fore as well as those that are yet to be confirmed for which several researches and studies are ongoing, the extensive use of CBD as preventative medicine is sure on the cards.

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