Website Maintenance: Three Habits That You Should Avoid

Website Maintenance: Three Habits That You Should Avoid

In this day and age, putting up a website is among the most reasonable things to do, especially if you are a business owner who wants to make a significant impact in your industry. People now spend much of their time surfing the net, so being visible on the web makes it a lot easier for them to get to know you and the services and products that you offer.

As the owner of a website, you have to understand that your responsibility does not end once your site is up. On the contrary, the real challenge actually starts there. We present in this article three of the most common mistakes that many web administrators make. You should avoid these errors at all costs.

Not updating the content of your website

Imagine yourself as a party planner. You have a kid’s birthday coming up, and you want to find someone who can help you with party decorations. You search online and you find the most suitable professional for the job. You go to their website and you see that the pictures there are from a year ago. “Are they still in business?” you ask yourself. Still, you brush the doubt aside and go on to check their contact details. You find a phone number and call it, but you find yourself frustrated because it's no longer in service.

When you have your own website, see to it that you don’t put your potential customers in the same stressful situation. Make sure that the contents on your site, especially the contact details, are up to date. Bear in mind that your website is the face that you show to the online world. If it’s flawed, then you will be construed as a flawed entity as well.

Posting lengthy articles only

When you create content for your website, you should ask yourself if the content that you are producing is the type of content that you yourself would consume. Do you really have the time and patience to read through a long text? If you say no, most likely about 80% of your readers will say the same. Granted that the keywords in your long text are necessary to drive traffic to your website, you will still have problems because not many of your visitors will stay to read or explore your pages. More often than not, people will immediately close the site upon seeing the blocks of text that you bombard them with.

Aside from text posts, try mixing in some short videos, pictures, and other content forms that don’t need as much time to be consumed. Experienced custom WordPress development professionals will be quick to confirm that these types of content will not only enhance the look of your website, they will also enhance its utility.

Not promoting the site

Your website is the product that you offer to the online world. And like any other product, it needs to be promoted so that its target audience will at least be made aware of its existence. There are a lot of ways to promote a website, and SEO is just one of them. Another method is social media promotions. The strategy that you pick should be based on the usual behaviors of your target audience.

Running a website is a process that has the tendency to repeat itself. Sure, it can get mundane and even boring, but this process is not something that you can just do away with. So this process is what you should be ready for should you decide to go online.

Last updated:10/20/2020 9:47:47 AM
Veselina Dzhingarova

Veselina Dzhingarova

Veselina Dzhingarova, co-founder ESBO, Ltd. currently works as a branding and marketing consultant, bringing together the knowledge and intuition that she has developed over many years spent working in relevant fields.


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