The cycle of menstruation is usually a 28-day affair. However, the duration of this cycle varies slightly from one woman to another. Some women might have a longer duration like a 30-day cycle. Bleeding is observed at the end of a menstrual cycle when the endometrial lining is discharged out of the body through the vagina.

Scheduling work and other commitments during periods is sometimes an issue because along with bleeding women might feel several other symptoms like nausea, headaches, abdominal cramps, etc. Being prepared is important for handling periods in a better manner because cases of abrupt initiation of periods are quite common and many women have started menstruating while they are on a trip or in office. Therefore a few tips might help to deal with periods efficiently.

The checklist of items that should be kept for managing periods

For women being fully prepared to take on the challenge of dealing with periodic bleeding at anytime and anywhere is vital to a woman can keep the following things for keeping the situation under control at all times:

• Tampons: These are cylindrical absorbent cotton wads that are inserted in the vagina to absorb the bleeding. There is a variety of sizes and absorbency capacities when it comes to tampons. A woman can buy a regular pack that offers a single type of absorbency or a mixed pack that includes different absorbency levels. These tampon packs help women to choose the correct absorbency tampon according to their flow on that day as the menstrual flow is not the same on all the days of the period.

• Menstrual cups: As the name suggests these are cup-shaped vessels which are meant to collect and hold the menstrual blood inside the vagina. Daisy Menstrual Cup is made from fine quality silicone which is easy to insert because of the extreme flexibility of the cup. It is quite easy to keep the cup in the purse, and it is advisable to keep two cups while traveling to keep problems of sanitation at bay.

• Panty liner: It is mostly used for collecting light bleeding or other discharges that happen during the month. These are quite similar to normal sanitary napkins but are thinner and have less absorbency. These come in handy when trips are to be taken that include traveling for long durations by public transport. It is already known that period can start at any given moment and so while traveling for long hours one can wear a panty liner as a form of protection so that even if bleeding starts suddenly still one won’t have to worry about inserting a cup or tampon immediately.

There is a wide range of female hygiene products and the kind of product which a woman wants to use during her periods is completely dependent on her personal choice, but before picking out any product, it is better to review the pros and cons of that product thoroughly. Hence it is important to acquire a sanitary product that will eventually make the menstrual bleeding manageable.

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