We are living in the 21st century and the world is constantly heading toward a revolution in the technology. Machine Learning is certainly going to play a huge role in this revolution. Machine Learning is the branch of computer science that trains machines to take decisions on their own and replicate human behavior.

What is Digital Marketing?

• Digital Marketing is the new buzzword in the market. You might have heard about this at some point of time or the other. As more and more people are heading towards the digital platform, businesses also do not want to lose this opportunity. Big brands are making use of the digital platform to its maximum. So what exactly is Digital marketing?

• The promotion of brands using any of the electronic media is known as digital marketing. It can be online or offline in nature. The popularity and importance of digital marketing has increased in the past few years. Almost every person is using the digital platform in some way or the other. So reaching and influencing users in the digital platform is easier and cost effective.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Future

• With more and more brands getting aware of the digital marketing, it has become necessary for all the businesses to step into the world of digital marketing. Bigger players in the market have already come to know about the importance of digital marketing.

• Also, medium and small businesses who have implemented the digital marketing have shown tangible improvements in their sales. Machine Learning applications have become an integral part of digital marketing techniques.

• Digital marketing is a cost-effective solution to the marketing. Traditional Marketing involves huge budget allocation which small businesses cannot afford. So promoting brands with digital marketing is cost effective and high consumer outreach.

Now, let us have a look at Future of Machine Learning in Digital Marketing. In the upcoming future, machine learning will revolutionize the way digital marketing is done.

Improved Searches

• Machine learning is going to change the way searches are being done. In the near future, the intent behind the search is going to be more important than the keywords. Users search the internet in the most informal way and search engines have to correctly interpret the results. Researchers in Machine Learning has improved the way searches engines are ranking websites.

• In the upcoming future, searches are further going to improve in a way that user will get most relevant results based on his searches.

Improved Customer Service

• Customer service is the main concern for any business large or small. Every business wants to make a good relationship with their customers. This helps in building a strong bond with the customer and improving brand loyalty.

• Machine Learning applications are helping brands to improve their customer services using Chatbots. Chatbots are designed using machine learning algorithms that simulates human conversation. They can answer the queries of the customers in a friendly and effective way. Moreover, they are available 24x7 at the service.

• In the near future, Chatbots will completely replace humans from the customer support saving lot of human hours for more productive and difficult tasks.

The customized website for every user

• Imagine how awesome it would be if the website changes its content dynamically for every user based on user’s interest? This would surely give a boost to the CTR (Click Through Rate) and organic traffic of the website. Machine Learning can customize the website on the basis of previous searches, geographical location, profession and interests of the user.

• In this way, a user will feel more connected and would like to visit frequently that will improve the quality of social selling entrepreneurs and quantity of the traffic.

Advertisements get more relevant

• Advertising is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about marketing. The advertisement is an integral part of marketing. In the current scenario, the advertisement is not focussed. That means we are not doing customer segmentation. For any advertising campaign to succeed, customer segmentation is utmost important. As we cannot sell female attires to male and vice versa.

• Machine learning as a service will help in the customer segmentation in the near future. In this way, we can show relevant advertisements to the target customers only.

Synchronizing various devices

• We are using high-end gadgets and gizmos in our everyday life. Be it smartphones, tablets, notebooks or laptops. So, businesses should not confine themselves to the desktop applications only. Digital Marketing approach should be followed in such a way that we are able to follow the user on every device he is using.

• AI Machine learning is helping digital marketers in achieving this by synchronizing through various devices and gadgets. By getting IP Addresses, device’s IMEI numbers, machine learning systems can identify and synchronize the devices of the user.

Adapt to human conversation

• In the upcoming future, voice searches are going to completely replace the text searches. Apple’s Siri is just a beginning. Machine Learning systems will help in understanding the voice searches in the more effective way.

• Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of machine learning that helps in interpreting the human language, converting it into machine language and perform the task for us. Thus, the content of the websites should be voice search friendly.

Final Take

Machine Learning as a service is constantly revolutionizing many industries. No doubt it has revolutionized the digital marketing industry also. In the near future, we are expecting a huge transformation in digital marketing. Digital Marketers must also not confine themselves to the traditional technology and should try to adapt to new advancements in the technology.

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