It’s the beginning of a new year so lots of gyms are going to be packed for the next 3-4 months, but there are etiquette rules and people forget to read the signs or just ignore them and keep breaking them too often which could affect our training and even distract us.

So let’s read them thru so whenever its you lifting some heavy wait you don’t forget to unload and clean the machine.

1. Clean. Whatever equipment you are using if you are a sweaty pig, try to wipe t down. So next person isn’t gross out about your sweat and that way you are not taking time from the other person training.

2. Keep your distance. While training, avoid being too close to the person next to you, this could cause the other person to fail doing an exercise.

3. Don’t walk in or stand in a mirror when someone is doing a set. This can be very distracting.

4. Don’t dress up too much. It’s a gym not a fashion show, make up and many accessories aren’t necessary, try to wear cloth in which you can move and be flexible.

5. Mirrors are to check the position not for photo sessions. Avoid doing this.

6. Exercise or leave, don’t take forever on the bench there might be others waiting for it, stop using your phone or talking to others, do your sets and let others use it.

7. Don’t stand there while someone else is working out, ask in. Usually people aren’t that rude at the gym.

8. Be friendly, gym is supposed to be a friendly environment so help those in need and accept help offered to you. Don’t be rude to others helping you.

9. Put the weight back, you might be really strong and all, but maybe the next person isn’t that strong and will be struggling for a while trying to get the weight you left back. So do us a favour and take it back.

10. Use headphones, either you are listening to a voice note or music. Bring and use your headphones trust me nobody wants to listen to your stuff. Keep IC to yourself.

11. Keep your cloth on. Yes you have a nice body, but taking off your weighted shirt like goku is not only unethical but its rude. Many people don’t feel comfortable with their bodies and you showing off isn’t helpful.

12. Don’t chit chat while training. This could end completely wrong for the person doing some lifting.

13. If you see someone using headphones don’t talk to them, these type of people go to the gym only to train not to have long and deep conversations.

14. Don’t fool around. Lot of people go on their lunch not in the mood to waste any minute. So if you are not on it, let others workout.

15. Take brief showers , there people waiting outside. Same happens on the lockers or changing rooms, respect others time.

16. Don’t be loud, save the karate noises and screams while working out. We don’t want to listen to you like someone is killing you. Its just weight lifting.

These are really important rules that not necessarily are written but that we must follow to have a nice environment and a nice workout. So lets keep it cool, help others and be nice and friendly while at it.

  Modified On Jan-11-2019 03:03:08 AM

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