Students should be aware that writing an assignment is an important and compulsory task. They can be asked to write any type of assignments like essays, dissertation, research paper and more. These assignments are required to be written as per a specific guideline and instructions. Getting a single deviation from these guidelines can lower the chance to score better grades in assessment. Students who do not have the skills to write their assignment paper can avail help from online academic services like assignment help Saudi Arabia.

Students generally need assignment help Saudi Arabia who are studying at prestigious University of Saudi Arabia. For example – Najran University, King Saud University, Alfaisal University, Taibah University etc. Students face problems at the time of the writing assignments because each university has its own assignment standard and parameters and students are required to meet those parameters to secure high grades in their assignment exams.

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In order to gain better marks in your examination, assignment plays an important role. It contains around 20-30% per cent of total marks which can be grabbed easily just by preparing assignments as per the given instructions. However, here is the structure and format given by the online assignment help experts that should be followed by the students at the time of writing essays.

An essay is a common assignment which is asked to write by students at a different level of education like under-graduate, post-graduate or doctorate degrees. Commonly, it contains a title page, essay structure, citation, references etc. Here are the few more things to know.

Answering the Questions: Its Parts of an Essay

The assignment help experts say that an essay includes different types of data & information, even a short essay contains different operations such as argument, raising counterarguments, analysing data, concluding. While writing an essay for university, you must also focus on answering the questions that your reader might ask while going through a thesis.

"What?" The first question can be "what". For example - What are the evidenced used to describe your thesis? In order to answer these sorts of questions, you must identify your evidence and represent the claim.

"How?" Your reader also wants to know the claims the thesis for each case. The question is "how", for example - How the thesis proves the challenge of a counterargument? A typical essay should include at least one section which can explain how.

"Why?" Readers are also required to answer why in their thesis. This question talks about the larger part of the thesis. It makes easier to understand the essay for the readers. To answer "why", you have required the essay and its own significance.

Mapping an Essay

Now, students are required to map their essay. For this, they can follow the steps provided by online assignment help experts:

Present the thesis in at least a sentence or two. After this, mention what a reader wants to learn. Here, the writer is anticipating the question "why".

Further, you can start next sentence as "To be convinced by my claim, the first thing a reader needs to know is ……."

Next sentences will be written like this: "The next thing that the reader needs to know is ……" and also include evidence to support your answers.

In-text and References

Students are also required to make correct use of in-text and references style. It should be accurately followed as per its specific guidelines. With the correct use of references, students can secure their 10 per cent marks in their assignment with just a little effort. Students who are not aware with references can contact TutorVersal.

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