The Lean Six Sigma is a subset of the Six Sigma method. It contains the methods of Six Sigma. It is one of the best managerial approaches. It provides quality of the business process and also products. Lean Six Sigma is used to solve complex problems. It is used to enhance the efficiency and speed of the business process. Lean Six Sigma provides,

  • It reduces the ultimate cost.
  • It helps the organization get profits.
  • It is used to make the proper team.
  • This method is used to increase more customers. 

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Benefits Of Lean Six Sigma:-

In today’s competitive world, every business wants to grow first. So, always a competition is available. If you want to see your brand at the top, you must use Lean Six Sigma methods. Some important benefits are,

  • Reduces the cost-This process is used to reduces the total cost of your business. Generally, it removes waste from a process. It is used to solve problems from the process. Problems are defects in the service that increase the cost. This method recognizes the problems and solves these. Thus, it reduces the total cost.
  • Enhance profit- Lean Six Sigma is a very effective tool. It enhances your business’s profit. It is used streamlining processes. These processes are faster and more effectual. It does not take any extra cost. Mainly, this process is used to increase revenue for your organization. 
  • Develop effectiveness- This process is used to improve the ultimate efficiency of your organization. It helps the business maximize effort. So that, all product will be 100% customer satisfied. This process is used to make efficient processes for the business. So, your business can provide quality products or services to the customers. 
  • Build the proper team- This process creates the effective team. It organizes a team of effective employees of your organization. All people are highly skilled and experienced. They know the proper process for the business.  

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Key Principles Of Lean Six Sigma:-

The Lean Six Sigma is very powerful method. It is used to remove waste from your business and make your business strong. Some important principles are,

  • Make your business flexible- When you use Lean Six Sigma method in your business; you make sure that management will ready to change the system. Also, employees will accept this. They need to understand the benefits of the changes. You need to understand the effective aspects of the business and business process.
  • Reduce variation- This process is used to analyze data. It helps the organization avoid problems. This process is used to solve complex data. Data collection is the important process for every business. Lean Six Sigma manages data efficiently and interprets this. 
  • Improve the process- Lean Six Sigma process is used in every business to improve the business efficiency. It is used to decrease the batch size. It is used to maintain the business process flow. It is the main component of removing bottlenecks. It removes waste from each process. It is used to increase the business performance.  
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