Everybody dreams of having good-looking hair every day. They do all that they can to maintain it that way too. But is that the only thing governing hair growth and clean scalp? Certainly not. Several other factors like temperature, wind, sun, pollutants and humidity all play an important role in deciding how different hair types feel and look. Pollutants in the air can stick to the hair and settle inside the scalp. This is true especially for curly hair types where they tend to absorb moisture during humid times and dry up during summers.

Most people are not aware that the area where they live can also influence hair problems to a great extent i.e., the same type of hair can behave differently when in different parts of a country. That too, in a country like India where the climate can be both hot and humid, it is fairly easy for the scalp to become dry and itchy. Both moisture and the oil applied during dry summers can help in the development of fungi or dandruff in the scalp. The spread of fungi over the scalp can cause itching. Continuous itching and irritation can lead to hair-fall, red and swollen scalp. It may even induce baldness at an early age. So, proper care is needed when it comes to solving all scalp-related issues.

Generally, one can try few home-made treatments and experiment to find out what works for them. These may fail and aggravate the condition. If that is the case, one should immediately consult with a doctor to take the next step.

Dermatologists usually administer strong anti-dandruff shampoos and other oral medicines to treat the condition. The kind of treatment a doctor adopts primarily depends on the type of problems one has. In order to know the right solution, the first test the infected cells under a microscope to know about it and then decide what can be done. Follow their instructions completely to get the best of results.

There are numerous chemicals and natural compounds that are proven to be effective against dandruff. But the one compound that has the power to control dandruff for a long-lasting effect is ketoconazole and the one shampoo whose primary component is ketoconazole is the shampoo ketomac. What’s so special about this compound? It is the only one that is proven to have long-lasting control over dandruff. In addition to this, the shampoo also replenishes the scalp and moisturises it. This is why it is viewed by millions as the best anti dandruff shampoo for dry hair in India. If the symptoms worsen, it is again best that people consult a dermatologist for further direction and cure.

Once the treatments get over, it will be up to the individual to properly maintain his/her hair health. Eating a balanced diet, sufficient physical exercise, protecting their hair against the weather and other healthy habits can come in handy. Being stress-free is the one thing that should be given utmost importance. A healthy body and a happy mind are the best combination for leading a fulfilled life.

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