Pencil Pusher

What is a ‘Pencil Pusher’?

The Pencil Pusher is an innovative yet unappreciated invention. It is a gadget which makes pencils with waste papers.

According to the study, the United States alone uses 21 Million Tons of paper for business use. It causes a huge amount of loss of paper. If the United States approximate use of paper is so much, then all over the world the usage of paper would be at a level of the un-imaginary point. In the last 40 years, paper consumption has increased by 400%, which leads to an increase in the rate of deforestation and Green House Gases. This has led to office recycling programs. Now, even the printers come with a slogan of ‘Think before you Print’. Unnecessary wastage of paper is a huge matter of concern for the environment. Companies also try to use both sides of paper printing to minimize wastage of paper, but this step is not only enough.

So, a trio of Chinese inventors (Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan, and Chao Chen) hopes to add a device to save papers in the office cubicle environment. The wastage of paper can be minimized through this innovative inventions. “The P&P Office Waste Paper Processor” come up with the solution of recycling or reusing the waste paper. It turns waste paper into the form of a pencil.

The machine looks like a three-hole punch crossed with an electric pencil sharpener, was the finalist in the 2010 “Lite-On Awards”, an International competition which completely focuses on to simulate and nurture innovation.

Pencil Pusher

How does a “Pencil Pusher” works?

A Pencil Pusher works like, first inserting a waste paper into a feed slot. Then, the machine automatically draws the paper in, rolls in the form of a pencil (cylinder shape) and compresses it. After that, it inserts a piece of lead from the storage chamber which is located at the top of the device. Then, it adds a small amount of glue, before the pencil slides out from a hole on the side.

A lead stick is then inserted into the center and it makes a pencil which can be efficiently used by two people. An electric sharpener which is placed at the side is then used to sharpen the end of the pencil made with paper, and after that, it is ready to use.

The procedure of making a pencil with waste paper sounds like a revolutionary and ingenious way to not only reduce the amount of paper waste but also a great initiative to reduce the number of trees needed to make pencils.

Drawbacks of “Pencil Pusher”

  • It is not clear that how many pieces of papers are required to form a single pencil.
  • The companies are busy in updating their technological requirement of laptops, phones, tablet, etc. then the company won’t go for the option of purchasing the machine that makes the pencil when a large number of workforce is not using a pencil anymore.
  • In the case of Schools, it is completely a no-no. The school which survives on charity can’t afford a normal pencil then, it won’t be possible for them to afford a machine to make the pencil.
  • To fulfill the need for glue and pencil lead would be quite difficult to manage how much these things would be required to make use of waste papers.

Benefits of “Pencil Pusher”

  • Minimizes the wastage of paper, as well as no need to purchase pencils.
  • Great initiative to save the environment, minimize cutting of trees and deforestation.
  • Personal Stationery will never get deprived of pencils. 
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