How the Right Technology Can Improve Your Company

If you're looking to improve your company's human resources (HR) department, you should invest in the right technology. In the past few decades, new software, hardware and gadgets have emerged that can assist HR specialists in performing their duties. While implementing new technologies costs time and money, it can pay off for your company's HR department in the following ways.

Recruit New Talent

One of the primary responsibilities of an HR department is to find and hire new employees to fill open positions. Using the right technology, your company's HR department will have an easier time completing this task. For example, statistics show that nearly six in 10 candidates search for jobs on social media. Using social media marketing software, HR specialists can scour Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms for qualified candidates who are interested in your company's open positions.

Resolve Conflicts Between Employees

According to a press release by Accountemps, conflicts between employees is one of the biggest sources of stress in the workplace. When two or more employees have an argument, it creates a chaotic environment that hinders' productivity. Your company's HR department can resolve conflicts more easily, however, using technology. There are on-premise and cloud-based employee management solutions that allow employees to submit complaints electronically to their employer. HR specialists can then view these complaints and take the necessary action to resolve conflicts and other problems.

Track Employees' Time on the Clock

Technology can even help your company's HR department track employees' time on the clock. Physical punch-based time cards have been largely phased out in favor of digital employee time tracking solutions. There's time tracking software, for instance, that logs the length of time for which an employee works each day. By using software such as this, HR specialists can easily allocate an appropriate number of hours to each employee. If one employee is working 60 hours a week and another is working only 30 hours a week, HR specialists can balance the employees' schedules so that they both work 45 hours a week.

Increased Employee Performance

Upgrading your company's HR department with the right technology may have a positive impact on the performance of your employees. Secure messaging apps allow employees to send messages to the HR department. If an employee has a question, complaint or concern, he or she can reach out to an HR specialist at your company using a messaging app. It's easier and more convenient for HR specialists to communicate with employees using messaging apps than it is to meet employees in person. Without a digital communications system like an app, HR specialists must schedule a meeting with employees, which can quickly consume their time and resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Technology can even assist your company's HR department with regulatory compliance. Most companies have both legal regulations as well as their own internal regulations to which they must adhere. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), for example, requires all companies in the United States to follow certain safety rules to reduce the risk of worker injury and fatality. Companies that fail to comply with OSHA's rules face fines of up to $12,675 per violation, according to Ferguson. However, your company's HR department can prevent OSHA fines and other regulatory penalties by moving their compliance to the cloud. HR specialists can create a database of all regulations on a cloud-based server, which they and other authorized workers at your company can easily access.


Technology allows HR specialists to work remotely. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly one in four U.S. employees telecommute. Using a mobile device with the appropriate software, HR specialists can perform some or all their work remotely. In addition to improving their productivity, telecommuting may also improve the satisfaction of your company's HR specialists.

Don't let your company's HR department miss out on these benefits. Give your HR specialists the tools they need to succeed by investing in the right technology.

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