‘Ooho’ is an edible water bottle and a blob-like water container which is made from seaweed extracts. It is a 100 percent natural alternative of plastic bottles, cups, and sachets. The edible layering of this water bottle degrades on an average in 6 weeks, in a natural environment. Even consumer can eat the outer layer with water because it is made of the edible form of plastics.

Edible Water Bottle, Ooho!

This edible plastic layer is capable of storing any type of liquid, whether it is water, juice etc. The researchers are trying to make it the complete replacement of the water bottle, the juice containers, in fast food restaurants where it can be used for storing sauces, fresh salad, as well as a good option for hydrating the athletes at any sporting event.

As, the plastic is being the greatest source of pollution on earth and affecting animals, as well as wildlife and water animals. Plastic bottles or we say plastic is one of the most common litters found in the sea or on land. The normal plastic took almost 700 years to decompose completely. As well as, about 80 percent of Water Bottles aren’t Recycled. So, the scientists looked for another option and to save the environment.

Edible Water Bottle, Ooho!

The creators of this water bubble ‘Ooho’ are three London-based Industrial Design Students who form ‘Skipping Rocks Lab.’. However, the invention is much more forward-thinking and it allows that it is free for anyone to replicate and use. This Water blob serves water in an algae-based gel encasing, which will become a good option for the replacement of bottles.

These Water blob, the bottle can be eaten or thrown into the compost bin after use. Its packaging is biodegradable in nature and in just 4-6 weeks. The membrane can be flavored and colored, and can also be used for other liquids like the soft drink, spirits, and cosmetics. The Ooho bottle is very cheap to manufacture and a single bottle can be made even in a single penny.

The plastic bottles have been in use through worldwide and people carry a water bottle with them while going for a marathon race, hiking, running, a short trip, or a walk around the neighborhood, etc. And being hydrated throughout is very important so people use plastic water bottles and later through it anywhere. This lack of disposing of the water bottle in the right place causes pollution and increases the problem of growing waste.

So, these three researchers look for an option to minimize the problem of plastic bottle waste. So, they found a Culinary Technique called “Spherification”. It was originally discovered and patented in 1946. The researcher used the method as their basics and by doing some moderations they achieved their targets. The team first dipped the frozen water ball into the Calcium Chloride Solution and then soaked it in a solution made from Brown Algae extract. The solution makes a gelatinous layer around the water, thus encapsulating it.

The consumption of this non-renewable resources for the single-use bottle and the amount of waste that they generate is profoundly unsustainable. The Ooho bottle, which is bite-sized and can be just popped into the thirsty mouth with its packaging as well.

Edible Water Bottle, Ooho!

Disadvantages of Ooho Water Bottle

1. It is only possible to put a gulp of water at a time, not like a huge amount of water in the Plastic Bottles.

2. It’s delicate membrane not being able to put it casually at anywhere or pack it into a bag pack while traveling.

3. Keeping its membrane sanitized and consumable every time is a matter of concern. This needs a work over it.

Despite, being not very much good at world class, still the idea is very good and a good initiative in minimizing the plastic waste. In big competitive events, sports venue, where the waste of water bottles is at its peak. This gulp able water will be a good option to save plastic and make less pollution. It won’t be good to ignore all its positive aspects in front of few negative things.

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