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Why Businesses Opting for React Native For Mobile App Development?

Why Businesses Opting for React Native For Mobile App Development?

Dev Technosys563 29-Nov-2022

Over time, the mobile app development sector has made enormous strides and experienced tremendous growth. High-performing, high-quality native applications are created in the mobile app development industry to thrive in this world that is getting faster and faster. While users enjoy the benefits of services, the mobile application is resolving companies' business ethos and offerings. 

Due to this fact, developers develop applications to fulfill the expanding requirement in a better, quicker, and more creative manner. The world of mobile apps is quickly changing due to reacting to natives' ability to create groundbreaking applications while keeping up with demand.

Various businesses are opting for react native for the development of mobile applications. Are you also the one who wants to develop mobile applications with react native but is confused about it? Don't worry!

With this blog, you will be able to choose toreact native for mobile app developmentfor your next project.  


What is React Native?

React native, an open-source, and JavaScript-based mobile application foundation, lets you develop natively-rendered mobile applications for android and IOS. The framework lets you build an app using the same data source for several platforms. 

React allows native developers to mix the fundamental components of React with JavaScript, which makes a variance. It works well on target platforms despite using the same UI building pieces as standard iOS and Android apps. 

Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development 

Now that you know what react native is, it is time to know why businesses are choosing to react native for mobile application development. Here are some reasons for the acquiring and community support that this structure has obtained in mobile application development. 


1. Faster and Economical App Design

The first reason why businesses are choosing react native for mobile app development is because of its rapid and cost-effective app design. You need an enormous time to create applications for two platforms simultaneously. Every stage of coding native platform-specific features, beginning with design, is difficult and time-consuming. 

With the help of react native elements and other framework features, you can quickly and flawlessly deliver a near-native user experience while saving a tonne of effort.


2. Native Performance 

The next reason for opting for react native for mobile app development is the native performance. The main goal of cross-platform app development is to attain native performance or come as near to it as feasible. Comparing react native to other application development technologies, it is the most efficient in this area. Applications created on this platform claim to perform better, have fewer compatibility problems, and have smoother animations. 


3. Web Application to Mobile Application  

The third reason for choosing react native for mobile app development is the transformation from website apps to mobile applications. A web app may easily be converted to a mobile app using React Native Web view, and vice versa. Developers can adapt web apps so that they act and correlate analysis to mobile ones thanks to the new framework capability for rapid element modification owing to its modular design.

To ascertain whether it is possible to quickly convert a web app into a mobile one, they only need to grab a reference from a React Native web app, translate it into programming logic, and create a test case.


4. Business Logic 

The next reason for choosing react native for mobile app development is business logic. React Native has JavaScript at its core, which is used both for business logic as well as for optimizing the native UI layers. 

This is helpful during development as you can easily apply the same app logic across both Android and iOS platforms, offering a unified user experience. Hence, users are unlikely to feel the difference using the apps if they switch from one platform to the other. 


5. Single Codebase 

The next reason for choosing react native for mobile app development is reusable code. The codes can be reusable with the help of tools. The developers can reuse almost 90% off codes in cross-platform and native applications. Apart from this, developers can link the code written in a compatible programming language to react native. It reduces the time and cost of development. 

6. Alluring User Interface

The next reason for choosing to react native for mobile app development is its alluring UI. React Native lets designers create their own user interface. Programmers can make their own components with the help of Touchable Native Feedback and Touchable Opacity. React native features effective customization for mobile app development. 

As a result, developers define customized styles as per group on the server side. Subsequently, each user can view a nicely designed and unique UX. This procedure will be crucial in boosting user retention.


7. Third-Party Plugins

React Native makes it possible to integrate a large range of third-party plugins into your apps, giving your apps the ability to have several functional layers. Building feature-rich software in weeks as opposed to months is possible by linking these plugins to native modules. 

Utilizing pre-made modules, such as React Native Text input, can reduce the time and expense associated with building particular functionalities from scratch. 


8. Flexibility 

React Native is a framework that is extremely versatile and may be utilized and managed over a range of platforms. Additionally, if one developer is operating on a particular portion of code, the other developer can join them at any time and continue where they break off without causing any misunderstanding. Besides, it is simple to make test use cases. It is easy for react native developers to upgrade and improve mobile apps thanks to this feature.


9. Quality Advancement 

The developers can be found anywhere because this framework is very popular and very simple to utilize. However, to avoid heavy mistakes you can take support from experienced and skilled developers that are well-versed in this. It is very easy and fast to use. 

So these are crucial reasons for opting for react native for mobile app development for your business. However, there are many companies that provide react native development services, you can take assistance from them. 

Famous Apps Built with React Native Framework 

Here are the top firms that use the react native framework for application development. Now let’s see each firm that has adopted this framework:

1. Bloomberg 


Being one of the famous business and finance news apps, Bloomberg has offered customer experience on several platforms. The developers of this app are now using react native framework to make the entire development process simple and easy.  

2. Walmart 

One of the largest merchants in the world is Walmart. To enhance the client experience, it is constantly trying out new technology. To stay on top of demand, Walmart upgraded their current mobile application using React Native.The new change, which improved the app's overall speed across both Android and iOS, has benefited Walmart.

3. Instagram


One of the businesses using React Native with the most success is undoubtedly Instagram. In 2016, the Instagram team started incorporating React Native into the current app. They started with a straightforward view, a push notification then moved on to other app areas. Due to Instagram's user-friendly interface, the deployment process went pretty smoothly.


React native is a perfect choice if you want to develop user-friendly mobile apps. It is an economical, flexible and effective mobile application tool for development that can show fantastic outcomes. It has changed from old methods to advanced frameworks. 

Therefore, it is helping react native developers to create innovative and amazing applications. We hope you understand why businesses use react native for mobile application development. Now it is your turn to opt for this framework. 

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