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How To Use Agile Frameworks With Agility?

How To Use Agile Frameworks With Agility?

Akshay Roy 377 02-Jun-2022

There are many agile frameworks like Scrum, XP, Kanban, and SAFe that can be used when implementing agile practices. Some of these frameworks are more explicitly geared towards small teams, while others work better with larger teams.

Agile frameworks are a set of practices that can be applied to different industries and sectors. But that is not enough to ensure the success of an Agile transformation. The key is how these frameworks work together with other strategies, such as culture change, organizational restructuring, and management practices.

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In this section, we will cover some of the best-known frameworks for agile practices, and help you reach agility as per your needs.


Scrum is a popular way to manage complex projects using an iterative approach. A Scrum team works in cycles called sprints (usually 2-4 weeks). The team tries to finish work in each sprint before moving on to a new one.

At the end of each sprint, there's a review that takes place with stakeholders and other interested parties, so they have time to provide feedback and ask questions about the product backlog items that have been completed at that moment.

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Scaled Agile Framework

Scaled Agile frameworks are aimed at helping organizations to improve their productivity and work more efficiently. With agility, the goal is to get people involved in the process, be a part of the solution, and have a voice in what will happen next.

It's important to move quickly and not waste time with ineffective practices. The SAFe frameworks have been specifically designed for this reason.

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How To Utilize These Frameworks For Agility?

1. Cross-Function Teamwork

The key aspect of Scrum is that you create multifunctional teams with new challenging roles and a few rules built into the system, such as organizing tasks in sprints, using different artefacts, and organizing various events such as sprint planning, especially sprint review & retrospective, and daily stand-up.

2. Good Engineering/Product Practices

Scrum identifies a role that covers some part of that work, the product owner but doesn't give deep insight into how that work should be done, except how that role works in the rest of the Scrum system.

To fill the gap, teams found practices in areas such as product management (taking ownership of the product), business analysis, and user experience. Inspired by the methods in these areas, the agile community’s people have developed methods such as story mapping and project chartering.

3. Timeboxes

Both XP and Scrum have a timeline concept that you can use to enable your team to focus on a particular set of work within a certain time, deliver something, and get feedback at the end of that period. This method can be useful when you work a lot with the product and want to check regularly.

Many teams feel that the flow approach gives them more flexibility to respond to shifts in priorities because they choose what to work on each time, they add a new item to their workflow. They find that they get feedback faster as they submit each element when it's ready, rather than waiting for time to run out.


The concept of agile is to deliver customer value as quickly as possible. This requires that the entire team be committed to rapid and flexible iterations. Knowledge can be gained, and professionals can see their career prospects through earning Scrum Certification and Scaled Agile Certifications based on their job role needs and organization as well.

Updated 02-Jun-2022
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