Top 16 Street Foods in Singapore You Must Try

Top 16 Street Foods in Singapore You Must Try

When it comes to the best street food in Singapore, you will find that there is much to indulge in as food is part of the Singaporean lifestyle and culture. You can bet any money that when you leave the city-state, your taste buds will have been enriched beyond recognition. They will frown at the simple offerings of European cuisine and wonder where the frog porridge and fish head curries are going to be served. But I’m ruining the surprise a bit there.

You can expect Singapore to offer you a myriad of street foods that will perplex and fulfil your rumbling appetite when you wander through the markets and hawker centers, weaving your way through the many sights whilst energizing yourself at the same time.

In short, no trip to Singapore is worth it if you’re going to leave out the exceptional cuisines that grace the city-state. Due to the tolerant society and many migrants that have traveled here to call it home over the years, you can expect to delve into a mix of everything, which is what makes Singapore...well, Singapore. While it will naturally have its own dishes, it is never afraid (and is very encouraging) of showcasing other cuisines from the likes of China, Japan, India and nations of Asia. In fact, if anything, you could say that Singaporean cuisine comes from all of those areas. So no matter what you bite into, its influences are easily found across the seas.

Have a Look at Top 16 Street Foods in Singapore That You can Expect to Indulge in the Journey

1. Frog Porridge

While it may not sound enticing, it is actually one of the cleanest dishes you’ll ever eat in Singapore. The frogs are marinated in soy, spring onions and wine, with spicy chili and milder ginger variations can be picked too to go with the light porridge. You may find some tasty similarities with chicken, if that helps put any worries at rest. 

2. Bah Kut Teh

Translated as ‘meat bone tea’, you are about to taste the best street food in Singapore. While many myths go around the dish’s creation, it comprises juicy pork ribs that simmered for hours in a rich herbal broth. Expect to taste garlic, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fennel and dang gui as well as tofu, youtiao and mushrooms. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

3. Sambal Stingray

A Singaporean invention, while stingray was once looked at as a cheap, poor tasting fish, this dish gives it the respect it deserves by smearing it with spicy sambal sauce. Grilled in banana leaf, it retains much of its natural flavors, while a mixture of chili peppers, belacan, shallots and spices give it the added kick that you’ll appreciate.

4. Mud Crab

Here’s what it is: a whole hard-shelled mud crab is stir-fried, then you can either dry it with black pepper or in a thick chili and tomato sauce. Whichever one is your type, you’ll be biting into history as each one goes quite a way back to the 1950s. Find a hawker center or a stall and tick into something that is truly dreamy and part of the best street foodie traditions in Singapore. 

5. Hainanese Chicken Rice

You will find that chicken rice has become an unofficial national dish of Singapore, often being voted one of the tastiest in the world. To get the best out of this dish, a whole chicken is dipped in a warm pork and chicken bone broth until it’s cooked. Then it is sliced, and placed with rice cooked in chicken stock. Sometimes a hot chili dip is served with it that is topped with ginger and soy sauce for an added level up in flavor. 

6. Durian

This is nicknamed the king of fruits, and it’s not hard to see why Singaporeans indulge so much in the spiky treat. While its pungency has led it to be banned from enclosed public spaces, this acquired taste is part of the national experience and it’s best to try to find time to feast on it. The distinctively sweet flavor has been used in many desserts and dishes so you may find yourself eating it without truly realising it. 

7. Oh-Luak and Chai Tao Kway

Eggs untie these two dishes, and if you love your protein then you need to order some of these and find out why they’re one of the best street foods in Singapore. If you don’t know, then Oh-luak is an oyster omelet, made from fried egg and potato starch along with shellfish. You can expect chili vinegar  to go with it too for some much needed spice. Then there’s Chai tao kway. While it resembles something like a carrot cake, it usually consists of egg-fried perverted radish, radish cake and seasonings. Be sure to try these two dishes out.

8. Red Snapper Head Curry

While fish heads may be a bit off putting, you’ll regret never trying one of the most rich and tasteful delicacies in Asia. This curry is rich in texture and is a suitable must-try dish. Soaked in sauce, the fish heads are usually crisp and aromatic ,while you can also expect to indulge in spicier varieties if you have the taste buds for it. 

9. Curry Laksa

When it comes to trying the best street food in Singapore, make sure you find time for this. As a hallmark of Peranakan cuisine, which in itself is a combination of Malay and Chinese influences, laksa is a creamy coconut sauce filled with vermicelli noodles and fried bean curd. Meanwhile slices of fish, shrimp and cockles are also added to create a fairly healthy meal. Most stalls and other establishments might have their own way of cooking it, but you are urged to try it in whatever layout it comes in as you won’t regret it.

10. Tau Hua

Looked upon as the local version of the Chinese donhua, this is doused with a sweet syrup infused with pandan leaves and topped with ginkgo seeds. Crafted from grainy bean curd tofu, you can enjoy this dish hot and cold. Prepare you yourself for something truly nourishing.

11. Lao Sim Shredded Chicken and Fish Dumpling Noodles

These dumplings are made of beaten white fish and are then stuffed with minced meat and fried dried sole. While they require a lot of energy and focus to cook, and can often be seen as a rarity because of this, the dish is something to be savored when you come across it. Sit down and tick into original and gratuitous flavors.

12. Prawn Noodle Soup

Exactly what it says in the name, you can enjoy the gracious seafood staple in a delightful broth that shoots out all the great flavors and texture that you love about your favourite sea dish. Grab some bread to go with it and mop up all the remains afterwards - it’s important not to waste a single bite.

13. Spicy Noodle Soup

Often a good chive when it comes to the perfect Singaporean snack, tuck into a combination of Chinese and Malay influences along with bean curd puffs, fish sticks, shrimp and cockles. After that, let the stomach set and consider ordering another the day after. This is the kind of street food in Singapore that you’re going to want over and over again.

14. Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu

A Hakka delicacy that is similar to Japanese oden, it is basically a mixture of stuffed tofu, tau pok  and vegetables. Sometimes fish balls, fried fish cake, soybean broth and ikan bilis are added too to add an extra level of scrumptiousness within the dish. Expect it to be served with yellow noodles and ginger dipping sauce that only implements more taste to the already magnificent plate.

15. Otowa Yakitori

With an old and thriving Japanese community in Singapore, it’s only natural that some of the dishes and traditions are brought overseas. And this is where you can try a mixture of plates. Have a wander round and pick up a few street foodie plates that will energize you in no time. If you want to know more then you simply have to go to find out. 

16. Chinese Vegetarian Bee Hoon

Vegetarian food like  spring rolls, fried tofu skin, and vermicelli with chillies are to be enjoyed. After settling down and tucking into this commodity, you will be more than satisfied by the richness of the healthy dish and will surely turn vegetarian not long after. Good for the heart, soul and body.

So, when you’ve sourced and booked one of the serviced apartments in Singapore, and are prepared to see what makes Singapore tick, these are some of the street foods you must try when you visit Singapore.

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