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Is Shopify the Best eCommerce Platform These Days? Let's Find Out!

Is Shopify the Best eCommerce Platform These Days? Let's Find Out!

HTMLPanda 389 10-Oct-2021

We live in a digitally-driven world, where everything online has minimized the other physical activities (like shopping or going to the theatre to watch a movie).

If I specifically talk about shopping, many shopaholics now prefer to shop online instead of visiting the store physically. Per Statista, there are 2.14 billion online buyers in 2021 as yet (and counting). So, there is no doubt that online shopping has overtaken brick-and-mortar stores.

So, what do you think the best possible reason could be for that? Obviously, convenience, great discounts, detailed information about the product, and more. Online buyers find everything so easy, but they have no idea what goes behind the screen as they only get to see the fancy side.

However, as a business owner, you have to make some decisions that won't affect the user experience, and for that, you will do anything. Right? And, the question that comes first in their mind is- which eCommerce platform they should rely upon.

Since there is a long list of all the eCommerce platforms that confuses them (including you), and no one has too much time to give a read to every single eCommerce platform as well.

Thus, I have recommended an eCommerce platform that you can look upon, and that is Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that generated $307 billion in the global economy in 2020. That's huge. Isn't it?

To give you a better picture, I have handpicked 7 benefits of Shopify that will convince you to pick Shopify for your upcoming online store development.

But before diving into the ocean of several reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform, let me discuss why Shopify is a well-known platform.

Are you excited? Let's go!

Why Is Shopify So Popular?

Shopify has numerous features, like customization, endless bandwidth, product inventory management, good community support, and other functionalities that make it one of the well-known eCommerce platforms.

Also, Shopify allows the users to customize (or manage) the stores from their smartphones (or tabs) smoothly. This eCommerce platform syncs all the crucial data (like payment details, shipping, information, and product availability) between the app and the site. Thus, it is the first choice for most business owners.

Lastly, Shopify has a business setup of SaaS that supports the subscription fees and sees what a market demands and fulfills it accordingly. So, if you also want to leverage the same benefits of Shopify, hire a reputable Shopify development company and see how your business booms.|

7 Reasons Why Shopify Is an Ideal eCommerce Platform

Easy Usage

Do you know why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform? Because it is easy to use and is less complicated.

Even if you don't have technical knowledge, you can still access the Shopify platform and control the online store effortlessly. Also, it has an easy dashboard system and useful toolset that finishes the daily tasks smoothly.

In short, it is easy to manage and lets you develop an online store from scratch.

App Rich Platform

Another advantage of Shopify is the app-rich platform incorporated with numerous handy applications with useful features (and solutions).

Shopify applications deal with everything smoothly that expands the business at greater length. Also, many Shopify apps have excellent dropshipping features such as inventory management, order, product customization (and research), marketing, sales-boosting, and more.

For instance, one of the top-level applications that function perfectly on Shopify is Oberlo.

Plenty of Themes

The presence of multiple themes in Shopify is one of the compelling reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform that attracts online store owners the most.

Shopify has both free and paid themes with different styles, designs, prices, and functions. Moreover, Shopify has multiple ideas in a single package and allows you to build a unique online store.

In order to minimize the workload and make it easier for business owners, Shopify has a separate category for themes for every kind of industry (like health, accessories, photography, fashion, electronics, and more).

Multilingual Platform

You can gain customers from all over the world with Shopify, as it is a multilingual platform.

Shopify has a wide variety of plugins that translate one language into several other languages. This eCommerce platform has an option called Weglot that permits you to change the language switcher of the application.

It has 130 plus languages that can be added to the online store and is managed via a translation lab. With a basic Shopify plan, you are allowed to add 5 languages at once. Otherwise, with an advanced Shopify plan, you can add 20 languages effortlessly.

Multiple Payment Gateway

You don't know which payment option the intended users have. So, it is better to support multiple payment gateways.

Thus, Shopify can be a great option for you because it has multi-payment gateway integration that includes PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, Apple Pay, and other third-party payment integrations.

Consequently, no customer can now abandon your online store because the chances are that they will find their favorite payment method that also leads to a better user experience.


One of the favorite benefits of Shopify that gets the attention of most business owners is that it is cost-effective.

It is an all-in-one eCommerce platform with affordable plans and has a 14-days free trial. The package (or subscription) fee of Shopify is quite low, and as soon as your online store starts making a profit, you can also shift your subscription from a basic to an advanced level.

Obviously, the advanced level will be a little expensive, but it will still not burn a hole in your pocket.

Huge Community Support

Last (but not least) advantage of Shopify is great community support with 24*7 availability.

Shopify has an excellent community support team that quickly finds a solution for every kind of issue. Even if you are new to this industry, you can still go with the flow with Shopify, and the team will be at your service.

You can reach out to them via email, phone, and live chat also. The supporting team of Shopify will lessen your burden by solving the technical issues immediately so that your online store doesn't have to suffer.

Final Words

Now, you know why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform?

With Shopify, you can expand your online store at a lower budget, and you will still get tons of themes, multilingual support with numerous payment gateways, and more.

Therefore, Shopify is an ideal eCommerce platform for you if you are planning to launch your online store.

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