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Outsourcing Interviews: A Bliss to The New Era

Outsourcing Interviews: A Bliss to The New Era

Mohit Jha 575 29-Sep-2021

Interview outsourcing is a practice that's gaining huge popularity day by day, especially for hiring personnel in the technical fields. Companies are now appointing a team of dedicated professionals or agencies to conduct technical interviews to hire the right talent. The service is known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO, and apart from the interview process, it might also include searching for the right candidate and matching them to the desired job profiles. Outsourcing interviews is nowadays a bliss for companies looking to hire competitive personnel without using much of their resources in the recruitment process. Here are the key benefits of outsourcing interviews.

Benefits of Outsourcing Interviews

Outsourcing the interview process and the responsibility of hunting for the right talent to external agencies has proven quite advantageous to both medium and large enterprises. A major benefit is that they get wider access to the most suitable talent by deploying the minimum number of resources within a restricted time frame. Here are the benefits competent RPOs offer to organizations.

1. Experienced Personnel to Conduct Interviews:

The best RPO providers ensure quality screening of their interviewers for skill assessment and matching the right recruiter to their skill-specific profiles. Recruiters' performances are also regularly monitored and continuous training is provided to stay abreast of changing trends for the most effective results.

2. Quality Candidates:

Through RPO providers, a significantly larger pool of candidates can be assessed, and the best out of these can be hired. Since most providers have a global outreach, it is easier to hire the best talent from across borders without the need of getting into too many legal hassles.

Outsourcing Interviews: A Bliss to The New Era

3. Time-Saving:

Since multiple recruiters are available in outsourcing companies, a significantly larger number of candidates can be interviewed and shortlisted in less time. It saves the hiring company time as well as resources.

4. Availability of Interviewers:

In most outsourcing companies, interviewers are available whenever the candidate is comfortable, including weekends and off-hours. It facilitates a smooth interview process, reduces rescheduling of interviews, and ensures a smooth experience for candidates.

5. Hire for Niche Skills:

The interviewers in outsourcing companies are segregated on the basis of their individual skills. That is why it is possible for companies to get all their recruitment needs across different departments or verticals fulfilled through a single recruitment outsourcing agency.

6. Internal Team Utilization:

Hiring recruitment outsourcing providers help the internal teams to wholly focus on their tasks rather than indulging in candidate interviews. It enables the specialists in every field to do their own jobs, be it the recruiters or the internal team of companies.

Market Trends of Interview Outsourcing

With rapidly changing technology and quick access to competitive personnel worldwide, new trends are being continuously introduced in the Interview outsourcing industry. From being merely an accessory to the big corporations, interview outsourcing has become a necessity for any organization looking to hire the best candidates in their limited budgets. A lot has changed when it comes to the hiring process, and here are the top 5 trends one can witness in the industry today.

1. Targeting New Sources of Talent

The pandemic has allowed people to think outside of their regular jobs, and most are nowadays investing more time and skills into beginning their own ventures. It has led to a significant talent shift where competitive people are leaving the workforce, and those available are spread far and wide. Nowadays, when looking for the right talent, organizations need to bypass the old thought process of hiring locally and instead reach out to suitable candidates from across the world. The requirements for meeting new sources of talent include free agents, retirees, as well as employees in the emerging markets.

2. Matching Jobs to People

Nowadays, a new paradigm has emerged when it comes to hiring personnel. Instead of the typical process of matching candidates to the job description available, recruiters must now align the jobs to a candidate's talents and requirements. Today candidates are the clients, and the right persons are now helping shape job opportunities. Recruiters now need to follow an integrated approach of cold calls, emails, social media, in-person branding and meetups to hire talent. Recruiting candidates from where they live without the need for displacement is now the new normal.

3. Recruitment Outsourcer is the Brand Ambassador

As recruitment Process Outsourcing continues to gain traction worldwide, companies are looking for means to create added value to lure in the right talent. Outsourcing companies now act as ambassadors to the organizations they are hiring for, and as such, must be able to impress the candidates. Today's top talent clearly knows what type of corporations suits them best, and they look for these qualities in the recruitment team. The candidate's experience in the recruitment process is the key that defines the employer's brand. That's why, while hiring RPO companies, organizations are now intricately looking into their processes, technology, and skills to ensure a smooth candidate onboarding process.

4. The Multi-Country Approach

Due to globalization, skills are easily transferable in almost every industry, which calls for the need to normalize global recruiting solutions. Due to the scarcity of highly skilled personnel, companies are now hiring candidates across borders, often appointing RPOs offering truly global solutions. The qualities companies look for in global RPOs include access to a global pool of quality talent, a global footprint with regional offices where talent pools are the most concentrated, and the ability to deliver talent that is comfortable working in different cultures, customs, and traditions.

5. Complete Workforce Solutions

Gone are the days when companies appointed RPOs for only particular job positions. Nowadays, any RPO must provide multi-faceted solutions, fulfilling the company's entire workforce requirements. The concept of temporary and permanent hiring is fast blurring, and today RPOs are required to provide comprehensive hiring solutions.


The recruitment Process Outsourcing market is growing at an exponential rate and is expected to grow by USD 1.08 billion in FY 2021-2025. In order to successfully manage the new talent supply chain, both RPO providers and the companies seeking their services need to strengthen their partnerships and explore new strategies. Outsourcing interviews are now a bliss to the new era of talented personnel since they have significantly reduced the gap between the pool of talented people and corporations willing to hire them from across borders.

Today, hiring the best talent in a short amount of time is possible only through dedicated RPO providers. It saves the company's resources while providing them with the right talent through a smooth onboarding process.

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