Top 5 Most Famous Beaches in Andaman Nicobar Islands

Top 5 Most Famous Beaches in Andaman Nicobar Islands

The Andaman Islands offer the best way to witness the verdant greenery of a rainforest paradise close to India. This group of small islands is home to some of the most exotic flora and fauna in the world. The islands provide a way to come closer to nature and find your inner self. Every year thousands of people go to Andaman for honeymoon, if you also want to romance in Andaman, then definitely visit Andaman once.

The Andaman Islands offer an exotic way to rejuvenate oneself, discover the beauty of nature and find peace in the vast white sand beaches of the islands. The beaches of Andaman Islands are at the top of the list of attractions offered by Andaman tourism. Bordering the numerous pristine islands, the vast beaches give way to the expansive blue water of the ocean. The fine-grained white sand of the beach is dotted with huts and cottages. 

These are the top 5 beaches in Andaman to visit:

1. Kala Pathar (Black Stone) Beach – Havelock Island

The Kala Pathar, or the Black Stone, Beach adds the right amount of solace and serenity to your Andaman trip. The aquamarine water, bordered by the pristine silvery sand of the beach makes it a truly out-of-this-world experience.

It allows tourists to simply relax and enjoy the balmy sunny weather in hammocks, enjoying the cool breeze blowing in from the sea.

2. Corbyn’s Cove – Port Blair

Situated on the capital island of the Andaman Islands chain, Corbyn’s Cove is believed to be one of the rare untouched spots on the earth. Not overly commercial, the overall atmosphere here is relaxed.

Tourists can find numerous things to do here, from simply strolling on the long beach or enjoying the thrill of water-sports, such as surfing or scuba diving.

3. Wandoor Beach – Port Blair

The Wandoor Beach is the place to go if you are a nature lover. This charming little beach is the gate to the world famous Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park which has some of the most exotic corals and marine fauna in a well-preserved environment.

This is one of the most popular spots for serious photographers and nature lovers. The glass-bottomed boats offer the best view of the exotic marine life around the island.

4. Lalaji Bay Beach – Long Island

The Lalaji Bay Beach is one of the go-to places for tourists visiting the Andaman to enjoy its pristine beaches. Situated very close to the main jetty, small dinghies will help you traverse the tropical waterways and creeks that are lush with mangroves.

This beach is one of the best spots for viewing dolphins in their natural habitat. Apart from this, the peaceful beach is a top spot for simply relaxing in the sun and staying a few days in one of the numerous sea-facing eco-huts dotting the beach.

5. Aam Kunj Beach – Rangat Island

The Aam Kunj Beach at the Rangat Island is one of the most popular hangouts for locals and tourists alike. The unique grey-colored sands and water of the beach are considered an ecological paradise and is untouched by overly commercial activities.

This beach is the perfect place in the Andaman Islands for simply relaxing and doing a bit of bird spotting too.

These are the top 5 beaches that will surely make your Andaman tourism plans efficient and more relaxing.

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