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Challenges in Cloud Development

Challenges in Cloud Development

Anonymous User 546 09-Sep-2021

Due to the rapid spread of Artificial Intelligence, cloud development is a paramount sphere. Almost millions of developers around the world are in the field of cloud development. Despite so much revolution and advancements, there are still a lot of challenges that developers face. 

• Performance optimization

Using cloud servers can produce difficulties because you don’t know where the servers are located. It has no physical storage. Rendering data, UI and others may take more time than expected. This affects the quality & usability of the application.

 But the CDN service distributes the bandwidth across multiple servers, which helps in handling the traffic. The user also needs to do thorough research regarding the cloud development service provider’s infrastructure before jumping into a deal.

• Scalability issue

The cloud services may also make false promises of scalability where the developer could have problems regarding data usage limits leading to problems with app data loading.

Following a hybrid cloud, the plan is the best solution to scalability issues. It will offer the developer the required flexibility and scalability, suited to the changing needs. It would also restrict the developer from paying much after reaching a exceed limit.

• Support of multiple platforms

When a developer needs to develop a cloud app, he can do so by using a cloud app development platform. But the problem arises when he needs to use multiple platforms for development. The apps need features to keep continuously operating on different platforms.

The only way to resolve this is, the cloud app development services you choose should be researched initially.

• Downtime issues

The cloud services come with the feature to perform critical operations with no downtime. However, in many cases, they are not reliable with this agenda because they show downtime errors. This may result in frequent outages.

To solve this issue, the developer needs to monitor the cloud service from time to time. He should also supervise the usage, SLAs, performance, and reliability of the service.

• Application security

Due to the changing dynamics of artificial intelligence, security is also changing. Developers need to ensure that critical security is outside the browser.

A solution to this could be making sure that the data is encrypted through strong encryption, using reverse proxy for security, or using SSL.

• Loosely coupled service design

Designing services such that applications can be loosely coupled is a challenge in cloud app development. The cloud apps need to be tightly coupled for getting the underlying service logic and implementation.

Education, training, and using examples could be the way forward to avoid loosely coupled service design. They should give flexibility when the components are added, replaced, or modified.

• Query oriented v/s API oriented programming

Map-reduce, streaming, and complex event processing require developers to adopt a more functional query-oriented style of processing. Rather than a large surface area of OO APIs, these systems use an extension of SQL or XQuery-like operations. In this case, some developers are aware of the basic SQL, while others lack the experience of performing complex queries.

By training and practicing query programs, successful cloud development could be achieved.

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