Top 5 Popular Places To Visit In Goa

Top 5 Popular Places To Visit In Goa

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Goa? There are so many beaches that it is nearly impossible to visit them all. Apart from beaches, there are amazing party hubs, sanctuaries and forts that are must-visits if you are planning a trip to Goa . Goa is also a great destination for backpacking in India. The most important thing about any trip is making a proper itinerary. Otherwise, you might spend too much time in one place and leave out half the others. So let’s get going!!

Understanding North & South Goa

There are two parts of Goa that you can choose from according to your preferences. South Goa is more of a quiet place where you can go for some peace. On the other hand, North Goa is where the fun and partying is. It has the most nightclubs, busy beaches and nightlife.

1. Baga Beach

This is the busiest place in all of Goa and the best place to visit in North Goa. Baga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the entire country. It is filled with shacks, cafes and restaurants for chilling out under the sun. The beach is also famous for its numerous water sports, scuba diving and boat rides.

You can easily find parking near the beach. Although it’s crowded, there is ample parking to accommodate many vehicles. The best time to visit Baga Beach is between November and February. There are fewer people in summer but it isn’t recommended during this season because it gets really hot.

2. Anjuna Beach

This beach is famous for its amazing and mesmerizing nightlife. The beauty and the sound of the waves is something you’ll know has been missing from your life for so long. Anjuna Beach is the most popular place to visit in Goa at night.

Shacks, beach food, cafes and the popular Curlies Beach Shack are not to be missed. You can enjoy a peaceful environment all day and at night have the best time of your life.

3. Deltin Royale Casino

We might deny it, but we’re sure to visit a casino when we get a chance. Luckily, that golden opportunity is here. Goa has some amazing casinos on a cruise ship situated above the water of Mandovi River. The best we have seen so far is the Deltin Royale Casino.

The cruise ship is huge, and the inside is just out of this world. There are a dedicated poker room, exclusive lounge and world-class entertainment on the terrace. Games include black jack, American roulette, slot machines and more.

4. LPK Waterfront

If you are a party animal like many who visit Goa, then this place is everything you could ask for. One of the best nightclubs in Goa, “Love Passion Karma” is located on the Candolim River backwaters. The club is open to all with awesome music, heavenly food and a beautiful view of the Candolim River while you eat.

The interior has been entirely dedicated to rock carvings. Figures engraved on the walls and in the lawn area look absolutely stunning. The best part is free entry for girls-only groups. Entry includes a couple of complimentary drinks and food for having a girl’s night out blast.

5. Calangute Beach

Known as the “Queen of Beaches,” Calangute is yet another popular beach in Goa. You can enjoy the amazing sunrise, water sports such as parasailing and windsurfing, and dolphin trips. When you are done with everything, you can just sit back and relax under the sun, listening to the sea waves. The distance between Calangute and Baga beaches isn’t too much; you can easily visit them one after the other.

Just before the beach is the Calangute Market, where you can buy jewelry, clothes, street food, sea rocks and other mementos. It can be a bit crowded most of the time but totally worth visiting.

There is more to see!

These are just a few of the most amazing places to visit in Goa. Take out your travel diary and write down a few more places if you are planning to stay for a week or so. You can visit places like Aguada Beach and, if you’ve had enough beaches, Aguada Fort. For people who love animals and greenery there are wildlife sanctuaries such as Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

When to go

Goa is great in all seasons. However, if you are beach lover and your purpose is to visit the happening North Goa beaches and party places, winter is the best season to do that.

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