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Necessity of Technology in Today’s Classrooms

Necessity of Technology in Today’s Classrooms

Education2Conf 575 30-Aug-2021

There is no doubt about the fact that technology has become ubiquitous. It has touched every aspect of our lives from how we work, live, and play to how we learn. As we all know, mobile and other wireless devices have become an integral part of every industry today. The only sector that hasn’t fully adopted or utilized technology in its realm is the education sector. Schools, for instance, need to use mobile technology in the classroom a lot more and many schools all around the world have indeed embraced technology to better teach their students.

However, some schools find it difficult to incorporate the latest technology into their structure and there are a couple of reasons behind it. The first one is, that some schools, although want to integrate technology in the classrooms, are worried that the adoption of technology might prove to be a burden than a strategic learning tool. The second reason is, that some schools are ready to use mobile devices but their Wi-Fi networks are proving incapable of supporting the technology. In both cases, students are the ones who are being placed at a disadvantage.

To help schools and other institutions embrace technology with confidence, we have listed some key reasons why technology is a must in today’s classrooms. We’ve also outlined how schools can support newly added devices in their classrooms. Let’s take a look at them.

Readies Students For Future Careers And Promotes Collaboration

If schools use mobile devices and applications that those devices support correctly, their students will become better prepared for their future careers, which needless to say, will depend on how competent they are in terms of technology. Also, the integration of technology into the classrooms promotes collaboration between classmates and instructors.

Good For Digital Citizenship

Once the technology is installed in the classrooms, teachers and other faculty members will be able to help their students develop digital citizenship skills, which are necessary for them to use information technology effectively to properly engage in society, politics, and government. It is good for students to know how to use technological devices, but they also need to know how to use them correctly and responsibly.

Students Stay Engaged

Students of today have been using technological devices such as tablets and smartphones since they could crawl for playing games and learning things. So, it makes sense for schools and other educational institutes to employ those devices in classrooms so that students feel interested in what is being taught and stay focused.

Apart from these, other reasons to incorporate technology in the classrooms include a better learning experience, improving access to information, and helping students be more responsible. And as far as supporting the technological products is concerned, schools should make sure their network infrastructure is up-to-date and/or sufficient before using products such as laptops, tablets, projectors, smartboards, etc.

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Updated 28-Apr-2022
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