Compliance and Data Protection: DLP

Compliance and Data Protection: DLP

Losing your organization’s sensitive data can be costly and harmful to your reputation. The average cost of a data breach in 2021 was 4.24 million dollars, the highest average cost reported over the last 17 years history of the IBM Ponemom Cost of a Data Breach report.

Not only is there a need to protect against the loss of sensitive data (for example, attackers can harvest user credentials to initiate advanced attacks such as ransomware), there are often many, stringent data privacy regulations to comply with. Protecting data is complex, so to be effective Data Loss Prevention solutions need to provide a range of capabilities to help organization. These include finding sensitive data everywhere (in the organization and in the cloud), developing and deploying policies to monitor and as appropriate apply risk-based controls (such as blocking or encrypting data in motion), and using behavioral analytics to prioritize incident response.

At Aurora, we can provide many options for DLP solutions. Our security engineers have vast experience in implementing Symantec DLP.

Symantec DLP helps to prevent data breaches through the discovery of sensitive data at rest (in storage), as it is being user or as that data is moved around an organization. The solution monitors how it's being used and provides real-time protection to prevent data loss. Our experts can help integrate DLP with other solutions in your environment to provide enhanced security.

Protecting Data in Use

Symantec DLP for Endpoint scans for sensitive data stored on your devices (Window and Mac). It will take actions such as quarantining files and applying policy-based encryption to protect data (including data on thumb drives). The solution will monitor and control user activities and alert users with any security concerns and take actions when necessary.

Protecting Data in Motion

Symantec DLP for Network is used to monitor data in motion on networks and prevents that data from being leaked. The tools look for sensitive content on the network, email, or web and monitor the traffic, blocking any suspicious requests based on policy.

Protecting Data at Rest

Symantec DLP for storage works to secure data that is stored in the cloud, on endpoints, file shares, and other repositories. It can take remediation actions such as quarantining or moving files, enforcing encryption, and other policies.

A Single Solution for Many Applications

Symantec DLP Core is a single solution that provides DLP policies, management and controls for Endpoints, Network and Storage. It also includes Information Centric Analytics, a powerful behavioral analytics system that can pinpoint user based risk. The advanced detection also includes Sensitive Image Recognition that scans for electronically filled forms and images. With the addition of Symantec DLP Cloud, data protection can be easily extended to cloud storage and applications.



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