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Afraid to purchase items during corona infection? CoronaOven is here to help

Afraid to purchase items during corona infection? CoronaOven is here to help

Anonymous User 464 28-Aug-2021

The deadly coronavirus is believed to be the ‘virus of humanity’. Ever since it has infected the human species, almost everyone is scared of the contagious disease of COVID-19. People have been following norms of social distancing and wearing masks all the time. They are guided to keep themselves sanitized because coronavirus can survive on any surface over a period of time.

This fact of corona being spread from touch has led people to be worried about touching the surfaces out there in the public. Buying groceries, touching doorknobs, and cars, etc. all are the cause of worry. To top with that, even worse news of e-commerce and food delivery people have had the risk of contracting the virus since they are working in the open 24*7. Thus, to combat this situation, Bangalore-based startup company Log9 has developed CoronaOven.

CoronaOven is capable of disinfecting any surface from viruses within 10 minutes. It is a very powerful IT invention since people require certain items to be healthy for reuse. The normal soap water or sanitizer wasn’t capable of disinfecting the masks, paper items, or other fragile things. But this device is powerful enough to disinfect any surface and make it ready for reuse. The hospital PPE, tools, groceries, masks, and other items could be disinfected in less than 10 minutes with complete safety. This device involves lesser risk and is advantageous especially in the 3rd and 4th stages of virus transmission.

Afraid to purchase items during corona infection? CoronaOven is here to help

The technology involved:

The CoronaOven involves the technology of UVC or Ultraviolet C in its functioning. UVC is an ultraviolet ray of short wavelength which is used to penetrate the shell of the virus and make a permanent alteration in its RNA. This alteration makes the virus incapable of replicating any further. The device uses UVC which not only ensures safe operations of items inside the oven but also asserts UV ray blockage outside the device so that it doesn’t affect the user adversely.

It also has a 360-degree illumination design which ensures that each point inside the oven gets the proper wavelength dose.

Its applications:

The device has emerged as the solution to the problem of virus transmission by disinfecting regular objects and carriers of viruses. It can be useful in sectors like household, healthcare, commercial, and beauty.

Healthcare- it could be used to sterilize the medical equipment within minutes and make them available for reuse. Items such as masks, eye goggles, face shields, etc. which require reuse again and again could be decontaminated from CoronaOven. This helps the frontline workers, doctors, and nurses to remain infection-free.

Households- items such as groceries, utensils, water bottles, cloths, masks, and other home appliances could be sterilized with this device. Another added advantage is that it is highly compatible with solid surfaces of plastics, metal, leather, and fabric.

Pertaining to its usage, the product has been deployed at almost all major organizations in Bengaluru. It is being sold in bulk and receiving abundant requests for more delivery. No doubt the product is a great technological advancement on the IT invention during such dangerous health hazard.

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