What ! Water vapor on Jupiter's Moon

What ! Water vapor on Jupiter's Moon

Overseas Life Survey: Hubble Telescope finds evidence of Ganymede water vapor.

Scientists are searching life possibilities on other planets for too many years and certain times they find proof of the life possibilities on other planets some times in form of ice or sometimes in form of life holding gases.

In the same direction finally Scientists of NASA get the proof of life possibilities accept of earth and here is the blasting news:-

The moon Jupiter Ganymede is said to have the largest body of water on the earth's surface, above all other oceans

What ! Water vapor on Jupiter

Juno's spacecraft, orbiting Jupiter, had depicted Ganymeed as he flew about 1,000 miles [1,000 km] above. (Photo: NASA)

Seeking evidence of life and the conditions that sustain life, astronomers came to Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. Now, for the first time, they have discovered evidence that a water vapor in the moon's atmosphere is formed when ice from the surface of the moon turns from solid to gas.

In the past, researchers thought that Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system, could have the largest body of water in the Earth's oceans, making it even more appealing to astronomers and astronomers. A recent research was made when astronomers revisited Hubble's observations two decades ago.


Astronomers say that the Ganymede Sea could accommodate about 100 miles [100 km] below sea level, and therefore, the atmospheric water vapor would not represent the rising sea level. The new discovery came after a Hubble observation from 1998 that revealed electric colored ribbons called auroral bands. Similarities in this ultraviolet observation were then explained by the presence of oxygen molecular (O2).

What ! Water vapor on JupiterResearchers have noted that the temperature of the moon and the moon varies greatly from day to day. (Photo: NASA)

Lorenz Roth of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, as part of the Juno mission in 2018, has decided to measure the amount of atomic oxygen with Hubble. Contrary to previous observations, astronomers found that there was no atomic oxygen in Ganymede's atmosphere, suggesting that there must be another explanation for the apparent variation in the UV aurora images.

Researchers have found that the temperature of the moon varies considerably throughout the day, and during the daytime near the equator, it is warm enough to release small amounts of water molecules. 'So far only atomic oxygen has been considered. This is done when the charged particles dissolve the ice. The vapor we have measured now comes from a small amount of ice caused by the hot escape of water vapor in cold climates,' explains Roth.

Why do we read Ganymede?

Drawn as the largest moon in the solar system, Ganymede offers a unique opportunity to explore the nature, evolution, and potential habitat of glaciers. Its unique magnetic interaction with plasma and Jupiter is also the subject of research. Recently, the Juno spacecraft, orbiting Jupiter, spotted Ganymeed while making a flyby nearly 1,000 km away.

The space shuttle has clicked images of the cold moon showing the bright black and bright spot of the moon and the long structural features on its surface. NASA said the spacecraft was able to take almost the entire side of the moon full of ice. The flyby was the closest spacecraft that had landed on the natural satellite of the solar system since the Galilean spacecraft Galileo made its way closer back on May 20, 2000.

With new information and insights coming through Ganymede, the European Space Agency's Juice Mission is preparing for its launch in 2022. JU Jupiter CY Cycers Explorer (JUICE) will reach its destination in 2029 where it will spend at least three years elaborating on Jupiter and its three largest moons, emphasizing Ganymede.

In the same direction, we have to find more life possibilities on other planets and it is very necessary for human’s .As we can see population of world is increasing rapidly.

And increasing population of any country will affect all over earth so if any countries population is growing day by day then will affect lowest population’s countries too.

And global warming is also a big problem for planet earth. So if we need to find new life possibilities on other planets then it would be great success for human being.

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