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How to create a business mobile App that attracts Clients

How to create a business mobile App that attracts Clients

Eugen 379 29-Jul-2021

Nowadays, making your business fit inside the client’s pocket isn’t rocket science anymore. The online company nowadays has its mobile app these days. These smartphone applications are thoroughly tested and modified according to customers’ needs. These are built on the latest platforms that ensure they are fully optimized, effectively usable, lightweight, and free of bugs. However, only a few tens and hundreds end up on top charts and editor’s choice list. There are moments when we are shocked to see useless apps reaching atop user’s list of favorite mobile apps to download.

Over the years, the demand for a business-related phone application has gained huge popularity. That is why every businessman, new startup(s), and multinationals are seeking professionals with first-rate skills. This is the primary reason why mobile app development company Dubai-based firms are expanding their reach across the globe.

Since Emirates is a business hub of the world, everyone wants to establish their office here due to endless opportunities. An influx of businesses and an unlimited number of clients mean nail-biting competition. It also means a never-ending scuffle of entrepreneurs and businesses for the best mobile app they have to offer to their clients.

At the end of the day, only a few will make headways. So, make sure you are fully aware of the following tips and techniques to attract clients to download your mobile app.

1. Optimize your mobile app

Any programmer can create a mobile app, but only a few can optimize it capably. It works like Google search and other search engines where users type the keywords on the search bar. This means you need to follow a few SEO basics to overcome any inadequacies.

Disappointedly, the Google Play store has some serious flaws; sometimes it shows bogus search results. On the other hand, Windows 10 app store is worst than its predecessor. Whereas, the Apple App Store has far less competition as compared to Android. The sad part is most of the users search and download mobile apps directly from their smartphones. It means you need to predict the right keywords of your target audience.

Therefore, create a smartphone application that is easy to use with main client-centric features. Make sure to create an eye-catching app name. add punchy taglines/captions, a noticeable short description, and feature highlights in bullet points.

2. Prioritize App performance upgrades

The game doesn’t end at creating a fully optimized app. Once you’ve uploaded your app on the iOS and Android app stores, there’s no turning back. Now it’s time to adjust your application regularly. People who have downloaded your app or have similar apps on their smartphones desire up-to-the-minute enhancements. Therefore, you need to constantly check your target audience's needs.

Monitor your mobile app performance every day, on the weekend, and by the end of the month. You can hire a specialist mobile app tester who will timely inform you about application inadequacies, good impressions, and decisive app overhauls.

3. Launch social media campaigns

One of the best ways to influence users for downloading your app is to use social media to your advantage. The first step is to create multiple accounts for different social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the popular platforms that assure promising results. Since millions of users are 24/7 active on these virtual grounds, you’ll be able to market your mobile app effortlessly.

Moreover, you can regularly upload Facebook posts. It will help you gather user-generated content through page likes, post likes, comments, and more. Besides, you can tweet highlight features on Twitter, which will help you gain the attention of potential clients. You can also post pictures of app usability in real-time with alt-tags and captions on Instagram. Last but not the least, YouTube is a marketer’s primary weapon to attract (not attack) customers. It helps you create informative videos on any topic you like. Make sure you add an attention-grabbing thumbnail with a unique title that stirs curiosity.


There are several ways to add a magnet to your mobile app. It should be able to attract your target audience alongside new customers out of nowhere. The above-stated techniques aren’t enough yet workable. Henceforth, look for other ways to promote your mobile application. You can hire bloggers to review your app, apply targeted PPC campaigns, offer app alternatives, and build a user’s testimonial collection.



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