Nine reasons to integrate voice SMS into your marketing strategy

Nine reasons to integrate voice SMS into your marketing strategy

SMS is one of the most powerful communication tools to reach your targets on their mobile phones. Voice SMS (or VMS, Voice message service) is an original version used more and more because it shows many advantages.

Discover the reasons that make voice SMS, VMS, the essential tool for your company's marketing strategy.

The voice SMS brings an added value compared to the standard SMS :

Faced with written messages, which can sometimes be quite impersonal and tedious to read for certain target audiences, the spoken version of the SMS can convey more emotions. This user-friendliness more easily captures the recipient's attention and encourages them to a more marked engagement with the company.

Voice SMS brings a personalized touch to your SMS campaigns :

Compared to text SMS, voice SMS offers a wider range of possibilities to convey your company's unique character and attitude. Anything is possible if you know how to choose the right script and the right voice: from a very informal tone to a resolutely professional tone, voice SMS offers you great freedom.

SMS creates an interactive experience :

Choose an IVR application (Interactive Voice Response or interactive voice response system) to enhance your voice SMS campaigns. Your recipients will be able to respond using their keypad or with their voice. This type of interaction opens up a whole panel of choices to the user, who can access different messages or menu options depending on the response.

Voice SMS brings flexibility to your marketing campaigns :

This flexibility applies to the company as well as to the customers. Voice messages are easily interchangeable and can just as easily be recorded or edited to suit your needs. You also have the option to generate new messages and start distributing them in just a few hours.

Voice SMS reaches a wider audience :

Unlike emails or text SMS, voice SMS can involve people who cannot read because of visual impairment, for example, or any other reason. These SMS are also more accessible to seniors and can constitute excellent alert messages, for example. Finally, a significant number of users prefer to communicate verbally. Therefore, voice SMS is an option that will attract this type of prospect to you rather than to the competition.

Voice SMS has a very low cost :

Let's consider the overall price/quality ratio of voice SMS and consider different parameters such as speed, feasibility, scalability, and potential in terms of conversion rate. Voice SMS is one of the tools of cheapest marketing.

SMS promotes a good brand image :

Consistency and regularity in the voice and tone of the message are crucial to maintaining a good brand image. Unfortunately, this consistency remains impossible with the use of human voices and manual calls. Voice SMS offers complete consistency, ensuring that each of your customers receives the same information.

Voice SMS is a quick tool :

It allows you to make a large number of simultaneous calls and is one of the fastest ways to disseminate information about your new products or exclusive offers.

Voice SMS offers a very wide range of applications :

Voice SMS technology is compatible with all existing telephone systems and applies to any type of infrastructure without a major overhaul. It can be used to conduct surveys and polls and manage your organization's customer service and develop your next-generation marketing strategy.

Voice SMS technology makes it possible to meet needs that would otherwise go unresolved. Therefore, we can see that its many advantages make it a tool with great potential for many organizations. Whether you are a company seeking to maximize your turnover, a government organization wishing to improve your service to users, or a community group whose objective is to strengthen the relationship with members, voice SMS will allow you to maximize the contacts reached by your SMS campaigns.

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