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Eliminate The Manual Method From The HRD And Think About The Automated HRM

Eliminate The Manual Method From The HRD And Think About The Automated HRM

Shubham Joshi 519 22-Jul-2021

How The Automated HRM Simplifies The Workload Of HR

As we know, the human resource department is the most important part of an organization; thus, it must need to be automated. The automated hrms process vastly affects the routine work of the employees in a positive way. The employer just requires to select appropriate software to retain the workforce for a more extended period of time and streamlines each operation in the working premises. Below mentioned are the benefits of automated HRM and how it simplifies the workload of the HRD.

Save Time And Increase Efficiency

The human resource manager mostly spends his time keeping the manual timesheets, attendance reports of the employees, calculating salary, analyzing employee’s performance, etc., which are time and cost-consuming and also drastically cut down their productivity. But automated HRM helps them to work effectively, which saves their time and labor cost.

Freeing Up HR Staff

Automated human resource management helps the HRD to do their work smartly and faster than the manual method. Like if we talk about employees’ salary calculation, then the older wages and salaries calculation method, i.e., the pen-paperwork, is time-consuming, but the automated payroll software calculates the net payable amount of the employees in just a few clicks. Thus, the traditional employee management does not give a single minute to freeing up the HR staff, but the technical method does not need the employee to watch over each function; thus, provides sufficient time to look over other operations of the company.

Simplification In Recruitment Process

The technological enhancement simplifies the recruitment process by classifying the perfect match for the vacant place. Earlier, the HR manager checks the application one-by-one and selects the applicant whose qualifications and experience match the vacant position’s needs, and calls them for a personal interview, which was the most time-consuming process. But the automated HRM, with the help of ATS (Applicant Tracking System), classifies the best match, and HR managers just need to call them; they no need to check each application.

Data Security

An automated HRM system assures the security of confidential data. Earlier, the human resource professionals needed to keep information manually, and misplacement of only a single document may be the cause of their mental stress. But the technological advancement secures the data in a single integrated HR database, and it keeps the files until the concerned authority deletes it from the central computer system.

For example, earlier, the HRD tracked the data of employee’s attendance manually and kept that document in a file. But the automated biometric punch used for monitoring their attendance keeps the data in the cloud and secures the file until the manager deletes it from the computer with a password set priorly.

Increases Productivity

The automated HRM system allows the HR manager to work smartly. The older payroll, attendance, performance management tactics, etc., are more time-consuming and cuts down their productivity. But the automated, accurate system is time and cost-saving; thus, they can look over the strategic decision that increases their productivity.

Simple, Efficient, And Fast Process

The artificial intelligence based technical system is easy to use and not that complex to understand. At the starting point of the technological revolution, employees refused it, but slowly and gradually, when they became aware of the simplicity and efficiency of the automated system, they accepted it, and now we all depended upon technology only. The simple, efficient, and faster HRM process increases the productivity of both the employees and the employers, and simultaneously it increases the profitability of the business.

Improved Employee Experience

The technological enhancement helps the HRD to increase the employee’s working experience; it also helps to increase their productivity, empowering employees, reviewing their performance and taking necessary steps if they want, optimizing self-service, etc., for improving their working experience, which boosts their performance.

Employee Analytics And Decision Making Process

Performance analysis of the employees is essential to increase their productivity. Earlier, the human resource manager analyzes the work of the employees manually, which is not effective and accurate. But the automated employee analytics system, through calculating the KPI (Key Performance Indicators), helps the human resource department to make a practical decision to improve the performance of the employees. Employees’ productivity directly affects the profitability of the firm; thus, it is essential to analyze their performance on a timely basis.

Attendance And Leave Management

Traditionally the human resource managers use ID cards and manual leave applications, which is time and cost-consuming and not that easy to keep. But the automated attendance system, i.e., biometric punch, geo-fencing, geo-tracking, face recognition, etc., smoothly keeps the data of attendance in the cloud. And the desktop software or the mobile application helps the employees in the online application for the leave. Thus, the automated system allows the HR manager to keep the attendance and leave data of the employees smoothly.

Run Error-free Payroll

Employee’s salary calculation process is the primary duty of the HR manager. Earlier, they used the manual calculation method, so it needs more HR staff, which is a time and cost-consuming process and consists of many human errors. But the automated payroll process calculates the net salaries of the employees in just a few clicks. Moreover, it is accurate and eliminates human errors. The older inaccurate process of wages/salary calculation was more complex as the employer must be aware of the statutory compliance of the workforce, but the updated technology has inbuilt tax and rules regulation as per the government norms; thus, the HR admin can run the payroll software error-free.


Technological revolution changes each operation in the working premises and also increases the productivity of the employees; Moreover, it improves the growth of an organization like never before. Thus, it is essential for the business to invest more in automated tools. The HR department of the company plays a vital role while we are talking about the growth of the business because it depends on the workforce, and the management of the workforce depends on the HRD.

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