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Virtual Directory in IIS for webhosting

Virtual Directory in IIS for webhosting

Ravi Vishwakarma477 03-Jul-2021

Virtual Directory

 Virtual directory is a directory that expose only by web server. When we are worked on visual studio then in my project directory treated as virtual directory. We must create the virtual directory to developer for hosting our actual application on IIS web server. This virtual directory created on web server. Every virtual directory hold the another web application and represent to online. Control the configuration setting for specific virtual directory. You specify in IIS (Internet information services) and map to the physical directory to local or remote server. Virtual directory name became a part of application URL. User can request to URL from browser for access the physical directory other language access the web page on browser. It is more difficult to specify the actual directory of file because URL doesn’t map the directly to actual physical directory.

How to create new virtual directory

  1. Open IIS (Internet Information Service)
  2. In the connection pane, expend the server name, expend the site name, expend the node for web site
  3. In the site home pane, click view virtual directory in the action pane
  4. Click set virtual directory defaults in action pane
  5. In virtual directories defaults dialog box, specify your default virtual directory credentials

Attribute of virtual Directory

  1. Password
  2. Path
  3. Physical path
  4. Username
  5. LogonMethod

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