5 Reasons to own Node.JS for your startup

5 Reasons to own Node.JS for your startup

The world of information and technology is going through an unprecedented change. Technologies are changing, so are the businesses. Enterprises are willing to make a change, which is just not limited to new technology. Node.js is an open-source JavaScript that lets enterprises build fast, scalable applications along with features to support a multi-user environment.
Businesses looking to scale their business can hire Node js developer seasoned in delivering exclusive solutions. Some of these include:
→ Real-time web apps
→ Messaging apps
→ Streaming apps
→ Social media Apps
→ Collaboration tools

And more. Node.js is capable of effortlessly hosting custom applications on the client’s existing infrastructure, almost like integrating a professional management tool with a touch of customization. Its adoption across giants such as Netflix speaks a volume about the quality services it can offer.

Benefits of Node.js:

Easy learning curve:
Coding in Node.js is relatively easy. Developers who have mastered JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming can readily start with Node.js. Its growing popularity only makes it easier to learn. The global community of Node.js developers has your back.

One of the prime reasons developers love Node.js for developing web applications is the ease it provides for development. The same language can be shared across the server and the client-side. As a result, developers don’t have to switch between the front end and back end.
Web applications built on Node.js, therefore, require fewer files. The same code is reused across the frontend and backend, saving you time in building the solution.

Quick delivery:
Node.js allows developers to use the same set of code for the frontend as well as the backend. The development process is comparatively much faster than the application development approach where the frontend and backend are built separately. As a result, the application development time is significantly reduced allowing the app to be delivered in a short time.

One of the prime reasons to choose Node.js is the scalability it provides. Node apps can be scaled both in both ways- vertical as well as horizontal. The robust platform it provides is capable of handling a large number of requests with a real-time response.
Business owners can add more modules to Node apps in the future, as the need comes.

Node.js gets its name from the fact that it works on the concept of “node”. When a developer makes a change in Node.js only that node is affected. You will need to make a lot of changes to the core programming on other frameworks, compared to simpler changes for the said node on Node.js.

The list of benefits that Node.js can offer to your startup is endless. Based on the business you own and the degree of management you require, Node.js can be a decisive factor. Startups and enterprises can reach out to Node JS development companies for customized, scalable, and robust solutions for their business. All they will need is clarity of their need.

Last updated:6/23/2021 3:36:52 AM
Neeraj Das

Neeraj Das

Hi, I am Neeraj Das, an node js developer by profession with experience of over 3+ years. Currently, I am a full-time nodejs developer associated with a leading node js development company in the USA. For merchants in need of a technology that can create a fast and feature-rich backend for their web application, Node.js is a perfect choice. Since, with the help of Node.js development compan, merchants can create a secure, fast, expandible, and unique backend with ease.


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