7 Most Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

7 Most Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Have you ever witnessed a poorly designed website with higher traffic? Or have you ever seen people recommending a flawed design website? Of course not because people are always attracted to captivating websites.

Don't you believe it? Well, a study has proved that 38% of people stop engaging with unattractive website layouts. Maybe now, you have got the missing piece of the puzzle.

As soon as you step into the online market, you realize that a well-designed website is one of the imperative factors that can make your online business super hit. Therefore, business owners contact a creative digital agency to build an aesthetic website to lure visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

Talking about well-designed websites, in this blog, we have pulled together some common web design mistakes that businesses often commit and need to be avoided. Before hopping onto them, we'll first see why good website design is vital for every business.

Why Is Good Web Design Crucial for Businesses?

An obsolete or poorly designed website will never reap profit to your online business. Do you see how a smile adds up the beauty to your face? Well, a well-designed website is like a smile that adorns the website's value.

A well-designed website sets the first impression on the users, and it is the only thing that encourages them to explore the site further. As per a recent study, 48% of people appraise the website design as the first factor to decide the business credibility. An aesthetically designed website not only catches the user's eye but also builds brand trust in them.

7 Mistakes Businesses Need to Stop Making in Web Design

Slow Loading Speed

Slow loading speed is one of the top web design mistakes that is an inclusive consideration. Slow and steady indeed wins the race, but it doesn't seem going well here. A slow loading speed annoys the users most. A study shows that visitors don’t like to wait more than 3 seconds to load a website. Hence, slow loading is one of the leading web design mistakes to avoid.

For better website speed, you can perform cache functionalities. Other than this, display concentrated images, don't use unclean codes, minimize the inline styling, and much more.

Complicated Navigation and Accessibility

Users are not at all okay with complicated navigation and accessibility. That is why it is also on the list of common web design mistakes. We live in the 21st century, where people want instant things in a simple yet engaging way. Easy navigation and accessibility are one of them.

Avoid building websites with complicated navigation and accessibility if you don't want to disappoint Google or kill the user's vibe. Easy navigation enhances SEO, improves usability, reaches a broader audience, and builds positive Public Relations (PR). It gives users the privilege to explore the website efficiently. Also, if you have a mobile-friendly site, use the hamburger menu to give a better user experience.

Not Prioritizing Mobile-friendly Design

One of the biggest mistakes in web design that you can commit in today’s mobile-driven world is not prioritizing mobile-friendly web design. A recent study by Statista shows that, by 2026, smartphone users will reach 7.5 billion. So, don't you think that not making mobile-friendly websites can be your biggest mistake? Of course, it is.

Emphasize mobile-friendly website design right away. It carries numerous advantages like faster loading speed, gives tough competition, is SEO-packed, improves backlinking, and ranks higher in search engines like Google.

Unclear and Irrelevant CTAs

Irrelevant CTAs are the most annoying and one of the critical web design mistakes to avoid. CTAs (aka Call To Action) guide the users to take necessary actions on the website, and if those are not clear, your business will not gain even the expected profit.

CTAs have a vital role to play. So, as a business owner, make sure that you mention all the relevant and concise information to direct your potential users to take the desired action. The goal of your website is to offer easy website access, and it begins with having easy CTAs.

Poor Use of Content and Whitespace

You might not be having a successful website because of the poor use of content and whitespace. Many business owners clutter the whitespace and put irrelevant content, thinking that it will not affect their business. But, in reality, it is the total opposite. If you don't give visitors enough space to breathe, they will not return to your website.

Therefore, properly lay down the content on the website that resonates well with your customers, use simple (yet attractive) fonts, and make your brand (or products) speak through high-quality images. Also, update the content timely to ensure the audience (and your competitors) that you are still in the game.

Minimal Contact Information

Minimal contact information can also make users disinterested in the website. While exploring the website, users always ensure that the contact information, including email addresses, addresses, or contact numbers, are given on the site so that visitors can contact you. Plus, it also builds the website’s credibility.

If the user has made any purchase but fails to find the contact information page, s/he will immediately leave the page out of frustration. Therefore, make sure that the 'Contact Us' page is visible to users from the naked eye.

Neglecting Security

If you don't want to drive away your users, don't neglect security at any cost. Security negligence is also among the top web design mistakes. Embrace the security feature right from the website designing stage and avoid all the security loopholes.

Security is on the top priority list for users because sometimes they share personal information (like credit/debit card details, phone number, etc.). So, don't miss your loyal users at the cost of security. Build URLs with HTTPS because it is more secure than HTTP.

Wind Up

So, this was the list of some basic yet vital web design mistakes that you (as a business owner) need to avoid to stay ahead of the pack. Put the learnings from this blog into action and craft a highly appealing and well-functioning web design.

Look, everyone knows that a website is the backbone of the online business and, if you don't want to commit some common web design mistakes. Consider hiring a well-known website design company.

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