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How an App Development Company is Changing the Future of Local Businesses in India?

How an App Development Company is Changing the Future of Local Businesses in India?

Trank 416 18-May-2021

Digital is the future of everything around us. Accompanied by AI, IoT, and other technological advancements in the cards, the digital industry is going to modify the world in the upcoming years. Be that as it may, the impact of COVID 19 has shaken the fundamental structure of business and trading globally, and many industries are still struggling to recover from the damage this pandemic has caused in 2020.

Why Do Local Businesses Need the Change?

The post-pandemic economy entails the story of many small-scale businesses and start-up ventures who are seeking a single opportunity for booming business growth. While medium-scale enterprises and large-size organizations have survived efficiently even during the worst phase of the corporate sector, local businesses are working hard to make ends meet even after a year of the global shutdown. The digital marketing domain is laying a highly customized landscape for the consumers and that’s where the prowess of local ventures is losing its competence.

Trank Technologies is one of the fastest-growing app development firms that’s helping small-scale businesses and start-ups to grow with minimum resources and establish a mark in the market. It is a well-renowned web and app development company in India that creates websites, web applications, and mobile applications using the latest frameworks and technology. The enterprise is equipped with research enthusiasts and experienced developers who specialize in different segments of web and mobile application services.

Criteria of Specialization

Founded in 2013, Trank Technologies was established with a core objective to serve businesses from different sectors. The company began to design tailored IT services that can fulfill the gap between the service providers and the right group of customers.

Their specialized area of expertise covers website design, website development, web application development, mobile app designing and development, custom web portal development, and CMS development. Aside from development and designing, search engine marketing, social media promotion, PPC advertising, and app store optimization are also some of the prominent solutions offered by the company.

Custom App Development Services for Local Businesses in India & Overseas

The successive growth rate of a proliferating business doesn’t understand the demographic boundaries. With this belief system, Trank Technologies encourages local businesses to create an influential identity in the market and leave an impact on its users. Local businesses can always begin to function from the area they are located in. Once they have a robust repute in certain areas, they can keep boosting their approach to a wider group of audiences breaking the barriers of unexplained limitations.

Besides, there is no rulebook that restricts local businesses from spreading their area of services into different parts of the nation. With this cognitive scalability in mind, professionals at Trank Technologies assist local businesses in building a well-functioned mobile application. They create Android and iOS applications to reach out to the maximum number of users and optimize these apps for various platforms including social networking websites.

Major Accomplishments

One of the biggest accomplishments of the mobile app development company can be recorded as the growth model of the ICS coaching center. ICS started almost a decade ago as a local coaching center in Haryana prominently providing classes for government exams in India. In the past few years, the coaching center witnessed a gradual development in terms of its popularity in other major cities including Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, and UP.

Although, 2020 hit them hard when the entire country underwent the lockdown during the massive spread of the global pandemic. Trank Technologies helped them build a mobile application based on the LMS model. The company designed an optimized complete learning management system for students to join the classes online through their phones and other electronic devices. At present, thousands of students from different parts of India are using ICS coaching center app to learn and perform while sitting at their home.

With the help of a reliable and full-stack mobile app development company, a local learning center marked its transition into a nationwide learning app used by students in different states of the country. That’s the scale of growth a mobile app development company can bring while designing tailored business solutions for local businesses in India

Trank Technologies is an IT & Marketing Company that offers eCommerce and eLearning Mobile App Development, Web Development, and Digital Marketing Services.

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