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What to look for when buying a laptop for college

What to look for when buying a laptop for college

Wise Discover 415 11-May-2021

Are you out in the market looking for the best laptop for college? Well, it can be a tiring job to do. As there is not one laptop manufacturing brand you get to see them offering upgrades in the same models each year. In such a situation it gets difficult to choose a laptop that meets your requirement. So in this article, we are providing you some information on what to look for when buying a laptop for college so that you can easily know about the important aspect and will choose the best one for you so let’s start.

Look for the Size & form-factor of the laptop:

Size of the laptop matters and it says a lot about your personality profession and use. It may range from an 11-inch laptop to somewhat 17 or even an 18-inch laptop. The most common is 13-15.5 range laptops and they are referred to be the most portable ones. However, the 16 and 17 inches are considered to be the ones with large screens and powerful hardware. Also, look at the weight of laptops as they come somewhat between 0.5– 3.5 kg or above. Notebooks mostly come on the slim and lightweight side however the gaming laptops are bulkier due to the heavy tasking hardware. Laptops also come with different form factors like they may be 2-in-1, convertible to the table, or 4-in-1 laptops. Choose the one that suits your course of study.

If you are an MBA student and are skeptical about what laptop to choose then you should look for the Best laptop for MBA students.

Choose the best screen:

The first interaction is made with the screen and you for sure wouldn’t want to end up with something disappointing. So pay a lot of attention to the resolution, bezels, size, and other features of the screen. The screen is the personal preference but at least 1920x1080-pixel resolution will give you the max required performance however if your budget allows then you can also upgrade to a 4K level screen. Also keep in mind that color accuracy, color gamut, and response are as important as the size and resolution are.


You will observe the varying costs of laptops with almost similar specs just because of the CPU it has to offer. The CPU is the main focus of your laptop's performance. You will find laptops with intel core series or AMD’s Ryzen processors. The Core i3 is the basic while core i7 and core i9 are upgrades in performance respectively. AMD’s Ryzen processors are considered to be the best processors when combined with the best graphic card still at an affordable price.


Your RAM works in association with your processor. Your RAM capacity decides the pace at which the laptop can perform multiple tasks simultaneously or programs load. So the minimum best requirement is 8GB however for enhanced performance a 16 GB RAM is the best. 32 GB RAM will be the super option especially if you are using it for heavy tasking like gaming or virtualization etc.


Storage comes in two types Hard Drive and SSD. The latter is considered better and considered to be standard storage. SSD is faster, lightweight, silent performing, and produces less heat than Hard Drives. Using SSD will give you an opportunity for fast usage, rapid loading of files and programs and your laptop will boot up fast compared to when Hard Drive is used. You get about 256GB, 512GB or 1-2 TB storage on laptops. Pay close attention to the storage when looking at the specs.

Battery life:

It is the lifespan of your laptop or its capability to work on a single charge. The laptop’s batteries are rechargeable and can be recharged within hours but it is always wise to consider the laptop with longer batteries especially when you are always on move or travel a lot. You will be surprised to note several factors that affect the laptop’s battery for example brightness, programs and apps running in the background, connectivity, etc., and also your laptop’s battery may reduce over time.

Ports collection:

Laptops include ports for connection and this is defined as the capability of a laptop to support multiple peripherals. The larger number of ports means you are allowed to connect a large number of devices to the laptop. The ports including usually are VGA, charging port, headphone port, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 USB Type-A or USB-C, card reader, and others. So it is important to note the number of ports and your requirement so that you will regret it later. Also, some modern models lack the CD drive while some users still prefer the addition.

Build quality and designs:

The foremost thing is that how much your laptop is going to last. The construction of the laptop must be metal or plastic as this is the common material used. But it should be noted that whatever the construction is it should not be cheap otherwise all the money will go wasted. Most laptops offer sturdy builds and aesthetic designs with some additional features like premium coating, water-resistant body, finger-print proof polishing, and robust hinges to make you sure that your laptop is not going to break any soon while having all the appealing and modern aesthetic designs.


Connectivity comes in two main forms maybe with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Most recent laptops offer quality Bluetooth capability however some older models lack Bluetooth. The wifi and Bluetooth let you enlarge your circle of reach and share data. The Wi-Fi or Ethernet connects you to the internet giving an access to the information present online. Your laptop should be supporting a good connection with greater speeds otherwise you will miss the important upgrades.


There are certain other things that we have not mentioned as they are of personal preference like graphics capability, trackpads, keyboard, touch capability, security locks, etc. In laptops, you get a combination of things packed inside a compact body allowing you to have an access to information anyhow anywhere. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising a program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

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