Abstraction in C# oops

Abstraction in C# oops

Abstraction :-

It Displays only necessary details and hides unnecessary to the outside world. Abstraction is about to show only essential details and functionality to the user. It provides hiding the implementation from the user. when we are hiding the details use private access modifier.

Abstract Class :- A class which contains any abstract members in it is known as abstract class.

An abstract class is a partially implemented class used for developing some of the operations of an object which are common for all next level subclasses.

For ex :- Rectangle, Circle, Triangle and cone.


Rectangle : Width, Height

Circle : Radius, Pi

Triangle : Width, Height

Cone : Radius, height, Pi

Common Attributes :

Width, Height, radius, Pi

Abstract Method :-

1. A method does not have a body is called an abstract method. A method have abstract access modifier.

2. Overriding an abstract method is compulsory.

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