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Why should Startups attend healthcare conferences?

Why should Startups attend healthcare conferences?

IFAH Conference 618 22-Mar-2021

We are all aware of how the healthcare industry is thriving. It is no secret that the best ideas, discoveries, cures, and solutions to the challenges start with the brightest minds coming together.

In this ever-evolving world, the relevant communities need to keep themselves updated on the advancements in the healthcare industry, along with the challenges faced by it. It means that if you have not attended an international conference yet or at least thought about attending one, you might be missing out!

So, here are a few reasons how healthcare conferences, such as IFAH, are a must for startups in the industry:

Networking as a startup    

One of the major benefits of networking is that there are no hidden motives of networking - when doing it in a professional healthcare conference. It could be to boost your career, give your work exposure, or exchange new ideas and networking is key!

In the medical field, where most researchers and doctors don’t get the time to network online, conferences, such as IFAH, are the next best thing! As conferences are usually separate from the attendees' workplace, it opens up a lot of space to connect, talk and brainstorm with like-minded people in the field.

In addition, the atmosphere at conferences like IFAH is such that it promotes networking. Be it during the event, walking from one booth to another, or even at the cafeteria, conferences are the best way to communicate with people from the same field.

Build your reputation among experts

Attending healthcare conferences can become huge stepping stones in your career or the industry as a whole. In the present era, most doctors, physicians, and clinicians among other irrelevant professionals attend IFAH conference, as a way to network and share their expertise.

If you have experience or knowledge then you should be one of the speakers and share your insights with the people who have just started in the field. The more knowledge you share and engage with people, the more recognition you will receive. It can have a huge impact on your business and open you up to new exciting collaboration requests.

Stay updated on the latest developments in your field

International healthcare conferences, like IFAH, usually hosts presentations, keynote speakers, panel discussions, and exhibition booths from vendors showcasing the latest technologies, tools, and their effectiveness in the field. By becoming a part of it, you can make sure to not miss out on the most cutting-edge advancements in the sector.

Learn from the experts

Experts of the industry share their experiences, insights, and strategies about what works for them in the field and what does not. It can give you an idea of what kind of practices to adopt and better ways for patient care.

If you are starting your business or have a health-tech startup, attending a conference can be extremely reassuring to meet seasoned leaders in your field.

You can even take a step forward by arranging a one-on-one with the experts and industry leaders, which is far simpler in a conference setting.

Opportunity to present your idea in front of investors and other experts

In the healthcare industry, collective R&D projects such as special issues, journals, and even books are quite commonplace. And what a better way to meet like-minded people, who are genuinely interested in your work than international conferences.

Whether you present your ideas or not at a conference, you still have an opportunity to advocate for your work, face-to-face with people in your field. The more you share about your work, the higher the chances for you to attract potential collaborators.

IFAH (previously known as the Smart Health Conference) is one of the world's leading healthcare conferences that explores the latest innovations in the industry. It has served as a unique platform that convenes entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders by offering opportunities for learning, networking, and growth. Having hosted numerous conferences across the globe, IFAH is attended by business leaders and industry pioneers who come together to turn their ideas into reality.

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