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What Are Some Following Points to Design an eCommerce Website?

What Are Some Following Points to Design an eCommerce Website?

WeCodeFuture 511 20-Mar-2021

What is Website Designing?

It is the process of designing a website that is presented on the internet with the help of markup language. It is designed according to the service provider's requirement, primarily focussed on aesthetic factors like layout, user interface, and other visual imagery.

Major Types of websites are

  1. eCommerce websites
  2. Business website
  3. Entertainment websites
  4. Media website
  5. Blogs and Portfolio website
  6. Informative and educational institutional websites
  7. Landing Page
  8. Social media websites
  9. Nonprofit websites
  10. Infopreneur websites
  11. Personal websites
  12. Crowdfunding websites

How to develop a website?

There are four basic steps for developing websites

  • Website Planning
  • Website Designing
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting

Why is Web Design and Development important in eCommerce Business?

eCommerce ( Electronic Commerce) refers to a type of website designed to buy and sell goods or services. It is also used for transaction and business purposes. Nowadays, it has become convenient for everyone to sell or buy products.

Benefits of eCommerce websites

  • Easy to access
  • Easy to sell globally
  • Service provided 24*7.
  • Easy to fascinate new clients with search engine visibility.
  • Lower operational cost

Generally, there are six types of eCommerce websites-

  • B2C (Business to customer)
  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • C2C (Customer to Customer)
  • C2B (Customer to Business)
  • B2A (Business to Administration)
  • C2A (Customer to Administration)

Key Points for Developing eCommerce Websites. Websites should be clean and straightforward. Website style majorly influences the success of an e-commerce store. The Design of the website should be clean, clear, simple, and focused on the sale.

Clean and straightforward design websites are easier to scan or use, more accessible, loads faster, improve conversion rates, easier to build and fix, cheaper to host, easier to understand by google, scientifically more beautiful, puts focus on the content, memorable, shape the user's experience, trusty and timeless.

User-friendly Design

An easily understandable and quick to operate e-commerce website is the critical point of a user-friendly website.

To develop a user-friendly e-commerce website, you would like to incorporate engaging navigation, simplified search practicality, well-planned information that is easy to scan, fast load time, browser consistency, effective navigation, good error handling, contrasting color schemes, and mobile responsiveness.

Always avoid Pop-up windows, missing contact information, dead and outdated links, poor navigation, and too many colors and fonts.

Social/customer Proof

A new definition of today's marketing strategy is Emotions. Social Proof is. However, you demonstrate that others bought your merchandise or services. This sense of being connected to many different happy customers will be appealing. It may guide prospective consumers through their deciding stage of the buyer's journey to truly click the ''Buy Now button. This will put tremendous effort into your websites. Hence positive review or writing review options will generate trust that Helps in growing business.

 High Security

Cybercriminals target high price sites like eCommerce sites to undertake to capture money data. They use the information related to transaction details of the bank accounts of the customers. Hence to gain trust from a customer, their banking data should be secured.

Therefore service providers should Invest in AN SSL certificate and 2 issue authentication to strengthen website security. It will also improve the safety of a website and ban the unauthentic steps.

 Contact us options

Multiple contact us options by providing details via contact number, email id, address, forms, email, chatbots, etc., will help you connect with the customers easily.

 FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Help the visitors clearing their doubts without contacting the service provider.

FAQs should be in easy language so that visitors get answers fast. By making content focused on common problems, you're giving guests a resource to assist themselves. Within the context of e-commerce, obstacles customers will face are makeup topics like product or service support, account management, come back policies, and far additional.

   Wish Lists or Recommendation

A wishlist refers to the relevant products or services and builds a chance for future purchases. It also recommends and shares free exposure and potential for other customers.

Related Items & Special Offers

This facility encourages customers to buy other items comparing similar products or services to buy by comparing the products in all aspects. Thus it promotes business.

Special offer is an excellent standard of marketing practice as it promotes deals and discounts on selected items.

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