How To Ensure Your Safety During The Most Dangerous Times For Driving?

How To Ensure Your Safety During The Most Dangerous Times For Driving?

Driving is one of the most pleasurable and necessary activities. Driving is required to be able to work and have easy transportation.

But it is not all gloomy. The task comes with its fair share of dangers, and Locar Deals is here to tell you all about them.

Safety is the prime concern of any driver. It is a big responsibility, especially when you have passengers. The driver is the one responsible for any damage happening to the vehicle and the people inside.

So never take road safety lightly. It doesn’t matter how much experience you are, a little distraction and leads to major consequences.

What are the most dangerous times for driving?

Driving is not always fatal, but it is better to be safe than sorry. As amusing it may sound, there are some exact times and moments that tend to be more dangerous for driving.

To be able to avoid such times and situations, you must make yourself familiar with the information and shift your driving schedule accordingly.

1. Rush Hours

The most dangerous time for driving in any state of the USA is the rush hour. It is the time when people are either going to the offices in the morning or coming from work in the evening.

Everyone is in a hurry and wants to reach their destinations. The roads are crowded, and it makes it hard to steer the vehicle.

Not only this, but streets are also filled with new inexperienced drivers who have less to no knowledge to handle themselves in heavy traffic.

Thus such situations make rush hours of the day a dangerous time for driving.

How To Tackle?

To tackle the rush hours you need to maintain your cool. Doesn’t matter if you are going to be late, safety always comes first.

  • Keep in your line.
  • Stay alert.
  • Do not lose your cool
  • Avoid any distractions like a phone call or music
  • Avoid aggressive drivers
  • Look out for your route in advance

2. Weekends

Well, who doesn’t love the break? With working & studying hard the entire week people find weekends as the best time to hang out and enjoy themselves.

The weekends are one of the most crowded days of the week. People take them seriously to cool off some steam.

On the nights of these days, one can find teenagers and drunk drivers abundant on the road.

Thus with so many reckless drivers on the loose, the danger on the road is high.

How To Tackle?

We know no one wants to stay in on the only day off from work. We strictly believe in going out and having fun. So the best way is to be prepared.

  • Avoid drinking too much
  • Go for Uber instead
  • Do not indulge with other drivers
  • Maintain your speed limit
  • Try planning your activity in the less crowded places


Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc., are the only time for people to meet their family and spend some quality time together.

Thus during the holidays, the traffic is immense, and the roads are more dangerous than ever.

The night streets are filled with distracting colourful lights which makes it even harder to concentrate on the road.

Holiday seasons see more accidents in America than any other time. Thus the time for happiness and joy is also a time for being extra careful.

How To Tackle?

No one can resist having fun and joy with family. To be able to keep having such fun for a long time, learn to keep yourself safe.

  • Avoid traveling at night time
  • If you have to go out of the city, go for a taxi service
  • Try not to stuff your car with shopping items
  • Do not drive if you are drunk or fatigued

Bad Weather

Another reason that leads to danger for drivers is the bad weather. A sudden storm, heavy rainfall, hail, snowfall, etc., can compromise the roads and vehicles as well.

Bad weather can lead to bad asphalt conditions, can stress out the driver, leading to an accident.

It is hard to steer a vehicle in such abrupt situations, especially for a teenage and inexperienced driver.

So, it is better if you avoid driving in bad weather.

How To Tackle?

No one can guarantee the weather. Even a forecast cant be 100% sure about it. So the best you can do is train yourself to tackle such situations.

  • Check the weather forecast before you get out of the house
  • Do not panic if you counter situations like skidding on the journey
  • Upgrade your vehicle with ABS
  • Better avoid going out in a bad weather

If you are impaired

If you have been drinking, or are exhausted, or have extreme fatigue, then you should avoid getting out on the road all by yourself.

A distracted driver is more dangerous than an inexperienced one. Being drunk or fatigued can impair your judgment and can prove harmful to you and those around you.

It doesn't matter if it is day or night. It is never safe to drive with an impaired driver. Avoid it at all costs.

How To Tackle?

Tackling an impaired driver is the easiest thing, especially if you are prone to be one.

  • Avid driving with drunk & tired
  • Take Uber instead
  • Do not indulge with other impaired drivers
  • If driving is necessary, then make sure someone accompanies you till you reach your destination.

Is Driving At Night More Dangerous?

Accidents can happen any time of the day, but the time of night is more dangerous. At night, there are more chances of occurrence of a mishap than any other time of the day.

Most of the accidents that the USA sees, most of them occur after dawn and thus makes it the most dangerous time for driving, especially for teenagers.

Reasons why you should avoid night-time driving:

  1. More drunk drivers on the streets
  2. People are more tired and can be under stress
  3. No proper vision
  4. More chance to misjudge a situation

How To Tackle?

Well, there can be situations when you have to get out on the road during the night. To be prepared for any situation, it is better to learn some pointers that can act as a mantra for you.

  • For starters, avoid driving at night, especially during peak hours
  • If you are a teenager, do not drive without someone to supervise you
  • Avoid drinking
  • Look for taxi service like Uber
  • Make sure someone close to you know where you are
  • Contact 911 if anything happens


The concept of road safety is more about looking at your actions than pointing fingers at others. You cannot change how others steer their vehicles on the road. You are only responsible for yourself.

The occurrence of an accident has more to do with a driver than the car. So it is better to make yourself familiar with such a crucial concept and learn few things that can help you tackle such dangerous situations.

Experts at Locar Deals are always more than happy to provide wisdom to their readers. If we can contribute to the enhancement of our reader’s knowledge, we are more than lucky.

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