MindStick & Its Software Development Process

MindStick & Its Software Development Process

MindStick is a next-generation Business Development and Software development service Company with a heap of web designers, developers, and content writers possessing decades of long expertise and skills. We have succeeded in high-end Web Solutions, Web Applications, Web Portal Development and presented numerous web designs and Content for enormous enterprises. As an exceptional development company in India, we conceive best-in-class compelling functionality and deliver both worlds of crank-up and business fragments.

Designed and developed software for business is a broad area with an infinite range of creation, with a great mind it is very simple. It’s all about harnessing technologies to improve productivity and performance within your business. MindStick assures you to deliver an unmatched level of imagination from our services to fulfill your needs. It’s been more than 10+ years since our experts empower you to grow your business with these custom-designed software solutions. All our customized software is built with your requirements in mind, using active procedures. MindStick allocates our time to your business by examining your needs and offering the best till date.

Does MindStick produce a software application, and How?

Our Software Development Services

Custom Software Development Services

MindStick provides high-quality, and secure software development services that match your specific needs, budget, and timeframe. From easy customizations to full-cycle software development that matches your requirements, MindStick has that experience to deliver.

Web Development Services

Full-stack web development of MindStick team with vast experience in this field, we deliver highly convenient, useful, and visually engaging web services for both B2B and B2C based businesses.

Dedicated Development Team Service

A dedicated, customized, and protected team extension model follows our client's internal development practices, methodologies, and culture. MindStick offers an expandable resource model for businesses to accomplish project needs.

Product Development

MindStick operates in analyzing, building, designing, and then releasing the final product to market. Our product developers are focused on understanding their user's needs, validating hypotheses quickly, decreasing uncertainties, and constantly updating our methods to ensure a highly effective product development.


Empowering businesses to reach a wide consumer base with our eCommerce website development services. Our team attains superior growth in executing eCommerce platforms that are flexible and sustainable to excessive web traffic with an interactive user experience.

Mobile Applications

MindStick produces high-quality mobile applications that are feature-rich and user-friendly to the core. The mobile application development services we offer are multi-dimensional drawing insights from multiple perspectives on business, technology, end-users, etc.

UI/UX Design

We produce realistic wireframes and interactive UI /UX that assist your businesses to communicate your business efficiently. Our designers are proficient with the most modern trends and design patterns to empower your business to achieve tangible results.

Testing & QA

Employ our QA experts for a higher level of quality and the right team of talented resources that meet your project needs. MindStick offers a test mechanization framework for faster testing, enhanced release cycles, and exceptional robustness.

Enterprise Solution

MindStick offers a wide range of business application development from design to deployment for daunting business challenges by modernizing and upgrading legacy systems and integrating them with newer business applications.

Does MindStick produce a software application, and How?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization services allow businesses to help them increase their visibility online. MindStick helps in making a bit of change to your website design and content to make your site more attractive to search engines.

Digital Marketing

MindStick helps you generate high-quality online deals lead by executing extremely structured, persuasive Internet marketing campaigns. We bring our expertise, knowledge on digital marketing techniques and incorporate the latest search engine trends to uncomplicated the complicated and execute a content-driven strategy.

Guest Posting

MindStick offers limited, exclusively well-written posts on high authority websites, with real SEO value. That’s because we believe in quality over quantity, and because we live and breathe that theory of content creation. Quality knowledge through guest posting services will go a long way towards creating your status as an expert.

Advertising services

The world is changing rapidly, picking the perfect combination of advertising services for your product or service is becoming more challenging day by day. Let us help you put together an advertising campaign that will cut through the clutter and target your audience carefully and thoughtfully.

Does MindStick produce a software application, and How?


MindStick has highly skilled designers with excellent technical knowledge and expertise in utilizing the most advanced software standards. We have developed a deep pool of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet customer's needs, expectations, and budgets. By placing our customers at the core of everything we do, we are pleased that we are furthermore assisting our very earliest business customer.

Flexible Engagement Model

Finding the best engagement model helps make it more manageable for us to help you achieve your digital innovation agenda.

Progressive Roadmap

MindStick is an aim-oriented company that accurately grasps the details of the client's project and offers them the most desirable fit technology solutions.

Scalable Teams

MindStick stands as a team of individuals with diverse functional and technological expertise, directed at resolving complex business problems.

Robust architecture

MindStick analytically comprehends client's business strategies to promote and develop a robust and scalable product architecture.

Does MindStick produce a software application, and How?


We excel in delivering the best-suited solution as per the custom needs, be it small start-ups in their ideation phase or mid-size businesses focusing on growth or large enterprises actively optimizing processes across varied industries.

MindStick regulates on SDLC Approach!

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) leads to a methodology with precisely specified methods for producing high-quality software in detail, the SDLC methodology converges on the subsequent phases of software development:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Planning
  • Software design such as architectural design
  • Software development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

This article will demonstrate how SDLC operates, dive deeper into various phases, which provide you with samples to get a more reliable knowledge of each phase.

For Example: Find application errors and execution difficulties immediately with MindStick 

Troubleshooting and optimizing your code is simple with combined errors, records, and code-level execution insights.

Does MindStick produce a software application, and How?

What is the software development life cycle?

SDLC or the Software Development Life Cycle is a method that provides software with the essential quality and moderate cost in the slightest time possible. SDLC implements a well-structured flow of phases that help a company instantly generate high-quality software which is well-tested and available for production use. The SDLC includes six conditions as described in the introduction. Popular SDLC standards cover the waterfall model, radial model, and Agile model.

How the SDLC works?

SDLC operates by reducing the value of software development while concurrently developing character and decreasing production time. SDLC performs these different goals by ensuing a plan that eliminates the typical traps of software development projects. That strategy starts by assessing existing systems for lacks.

Next, it describes the demands of the new system. It then generates the software through the steps of inquiry, preparation, layout, growth, testing, and deployment. By preceding costly errors like neglecting to ask the end-user or customer for feedback, SLDC can reduce unnecessary rework and after-the-fact fixes.

It’s also essential to understand that there is a powerful focus on the measurement phase. As the SDLC is a constant methodology, you possess to ensure code quality at each cycle. Many companies tend to spend few exercises on experiments while a greater focus on testing can protect them a lot of rework, time, and wealth.

For any software development services you can conveniently contact MindStick Software Company on emails - contact@mindstick.com or info@mindstick.com.  

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MindStick Software Pvt Ltd

MindStick Software Pvt Ltd

MindStick Software Pvt. Ltd. is a Microsoft Gold Partner in software application development. Our expertise is in software product design, custom programming, database design, web design and programming and cutting edge mobile applications development.


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