Salesforce Implementation Services: 6 Mistakes that occur during Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Salesforce Implementation Services: 6 Mistakes that occur during Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Let’s admit it: Implementation of any new software application is sure to face some roadblock at one point in time. There is no need to get disheartened. Even in the case of Salesforce, problems at some time come out. If you are thinking about Salesforce CPQ, even it takes some time to get accustomed to the changing condition.

With changing scenario, it has become impossible to perfectly deal with Salesforce CRM as numerous business procedures remains unsolved. Though the given platform is highly beneficial, still Salesforce consultants are wary of implementing it on a large scale because of various general mistakes.

Here we are presenting some of the common mistakes that arise from Salesforce CRQ implementation and one must refrain from doing it:

A. The occurrence of Mistake during Updating Vast Data

One must ensure the data within CPQ remains authentic, correct, and updated. If not done, then be ready to face issues related to the timing and pricing of the products. No matter how much automation a system is made, the presence of massive data is prone to confront issues at some point.

Also, it may become a problem when opting for doing promotional activities through CPQ that have not been updated. So, management of the large data is not possible and often leads to awkward moments for companies in many situations.

Solution: To avoid such issues, there should be clarification in maintaining the data while executing CPQ. Besides, opting for data updating procedures must follow with making data holders accountable for it.

B. The occurrence of Mistakes during Addition of New Functionalities

The addition of new functionalities alongside CPQ software is bound to face problems. Why so? It is because of the consumption of unnecessary time and takes a whole day for accomplishment. What is its negative impact? It creates confusion among the users that compels them to commit mistakes. Besides, time-consuming procedure, it is also expensive that may make it unpopular among the users.

Solution: To resolve such an issue, one has to look for the addition of new functionalities on time. Nevertheless, the best way shall be to use tools that are user-friendly that will help a large number of employees to serve their customers well.

C. The occurrence of Mistakes when CPQ is in Disintegration Mode

CPQ is a sales tool that works better when it is properly disintegrated. If it is not, then one has to deal with the outdated data that pose a threat to the smooth functioning of the business. Ultimately, it results in customers and clients getting delivered faulty data that might affect the bright prospects of any organization.

Solution: Before opting for CPQ implementation, one has to clarify the communication of the data system. One can take the help of Salesforce implementation services that will couple it with CRMs and help you in creating a better communication medium with customers.

D. The occurrence of Mistakes during Quote Personalization

When CPQ software is unable to personalize a quote, then involvement of current promotional techniques turns to be of no use. When applied strategies get interrupted, it is the business that has to take most of the suffering. Moreover, users also tend to forget to manage new features like adding reminders to prevent problems for the sales team.

Solution: If the user is unknown about the specific feature (such as reminder), then they can use another feature called an add-on. In this way, customers can be saved from avoiding the usage of relevant and essential products.

E. The occurrence of Mistakes in Failing to Clean & Migrate Data

While implementing Salesforce CPQ for the first time, the need for cleaning and even migration of the data is evident. The chances are high that such data are stored in numerous platforms and they will have to migrate to a centralized platform to kickstart Salesforce successfully.

If one makes the mistake of choosing incorrect data or selecting only a small portion of crucial data, then a mistake is bound to come once implementation is completed. Furthermore, one must ensure there is no data duplicity with the database should remain clean, otherwise, all efforts will be bound to fail.

Solution: To mitigate the given issue, one must use various cleansing tools to come back to the correct path and help the entire automated CRM platform to work most efficiently.

F. The occurrence of Mistakes when Employees are not given Proper Training

Though Salesforce looks easy to operate, without proper training for your employees, you are bound to face difficulty. So, it is prudent to arrange training because, without it, you will commit a big mistake that will force you to pay price later. Moreover, not giving them enough time to get accustomed to the given software will force them to work without giving their best.

Solution: An organization must take the help of a Salesforce consulting partner to organize a practical-based training program that will offer better training to the sales team and thus handle Salesforce CPQ in the best possible manner.

Last Word

There are numerous issues in the implementation of Salesforce CPQ that affect the working of any enterprise. But there is no need to worry, why? It is because these are some of the temporary roadblocks that can be removed if taken proper care of and precaution in the given automation system. Thus, do not get affected by some of these technical glitches as they can’t force you to get away from the given wonderful sales tool.

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