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Top Math Apps For School Students

Top Math Apps For School Students

Sanket Pawar 509 02-Mar-2021

Mobile applications are turning out to be progressively useful tools for students and teachers, offering educational benefits to school students of all grades.

One of the branches of knowledge that have profited most from this proliferation is math. However, how might you pick one from the endless ocean of math-arranged applications?

To help you swim through the options, here are the 3 best math apps that can do math homework for you with little or no effort at all.

1. Photomath

Photomath can solve your equations for you and the best thing is you don't even have to type them out. It uses augmented reality to examine the maths equations written on paper and afterward discover the answers for these equations for you.

However, it's still somewhat weak at dissecting equations written in your handwriting so printed is the most ideal option. It additionally shows the answer to the equations in full detail so you can naturally follow the means and show up at the last solutions.

There is also a photomath pc app that you can download on your desktop.

2. Mathematics

iMathematics can solve different maths equations alongside giving formulas, theorems, definitions, and properties that you can undoubtedly learn. There are likewise different options like the Graphic Calculator, Matrices Solver, Math Glossary, and so forth.

And on the other hand, the iMathematics Pro, which is the paid version can do considerably more and perform complex numerical equations.

The one inconvenience of this application is that it can't read maths equations from paper-like Photomath feature and you need to type them out.

3. Unit Convertor

Confused about what number of millimeters there are in centimeters or what number of inches in a foot? It happens to everyone and it's difficult to remember these conversions in any case. That’s where the Unit Converter app comes to your assistance.

It can change any value over to another like heat, currency, magnetism, data, liquid, light, energy, power, temperature, and so on.

Not just maths, this app is additionally supportive in the event that you are studying different subjects like computer science, physics, chemistry, etc.

Furthermore, in the event that you are a tourist, in any case, expecting to change rupees over to dollars in real-time currency rate, then this app will be your best companion!


Maths isn't only a stand-alone subject but also the foundation of many advanced fields. Therefore, it is vital that you are proficient in Maths. So you can go through these apps, and choose the one you like the most. You can use them to practice Maths so that you get better and better and don’t fear Maths anymore.

Updated 02-Mar-2021
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